Italian Metropolia: Metropolitan Onufrius Establishes Vicariate in Spain

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November 28, 2012
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November 28, 2012

Italian Metropolia: Metropolitan Onufrius Establishes Vicariate in Spain

Between Nov 23-26 New Style, Metropolitan Onufrius went to Spain at the request of various faithful who wished to be under the canonical protection of the Italian Metropolia. The Metropolitan received in three priests and ordained a deacon, establishing a vicariate of Spain in Valencia and Castellon.

The Metropolitan established a vicariate for Spain with its center in Valencia and Metropolitan Onufrius received Frs Gabriel Cotocaru, Claudiu Marius Constantin Nicolas-Marius, as well as ordaining a new deacon for the region.

The receptions and ordinations mark the resumption of missionary activity in Spain by the Italian Synod. After the collapse of the Milan Synod, Spain was largely left without canonical protection since Bp Ildefonso of Valencia was considered retired and Bp Pablo of Seville abandoned his episcopal rank and True Orthodoxy.

Earlier this month, Bishop Ildefonso of Valencia was accepted into the communion of the American Metropolia under Metropolitan John as a retired Bishop.

Metropolitan Onufrius has restored or established at least 20 missions in Italy and Spain since his restoration of communion with the True Orthodox Communion at large.


  1. GOC Raleigh says:

    Does the former “Milan Synod” have any parishes in Portugal? What became of the parishes that followed Metropolitan Gabriel into his departure from Orthodoxy for ecumenism, and then subsequently the falling into syncretism that occurred with that “Prophetess” and “mystic” which led even the ecumenist Polish Church to remove them from communion some years later? Have any of these people come back to Orthodoxy, or are they pretty much a lost cause? It would be nice to hear that there is missionary work occurring in Portugal as well. Forgive me if such information is already available online somewhere.

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