European Metropolia Reorganized under Metropolitan Onufrius in Italy

(Updated: Includes link for letter of acceptance of Metropolitan John). After the announcement of the separation of Archbishop Onufrius from the Milan Synod, NFTU was given a green light to publish new information about the reorganization of the European Metropolia.

Metrs Onufrius and Barsanuphius

The Process Begins

With the announcement that Metropolitan Evloghios had retired his episcopal rank, Archbishop Onufrius of Bergamo re-registered in Italy under the name The Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Italy and proceeded to form missions and parishes, taking the title of Metropolitan.  A few weeks later, Metropolitan Onufrius contacted Metropolitan John of New York, of the sister Metropolia of America, for guidance in how to proceed.

Speed Gathers

With the blessing of Metropolitan John, Metropolitan Onufrius contacted Metropolitan Barsanufius of Chernivtsi (whom we had reported entered into communion with Milan in 2009), and together they consecrated a new Bishop, George, as vicar for Bergamo. Metropolitan John then gave the blessing for the formation of a new European Metropolia to replace the old one under the protection of the American Metropolia.

Meanwhile, in Spain, Archbishop Ildefonso of Valencia asked to be received in his previous rank as Apocrisarius of Spain for the American Metropolia.

With things gathering speed, Metropolitan John immediately contacted the Metropolia’s Sister Churches of Greece and Russia to confirm their acceptance of Metropolitan Onufrius into their communion. Both the heads of the Churches graciously accepted Metropolitan Onufrius into their communion and all rejoiced in the formation of the new European Metropolia.

In Milan

Metropolitan Onufrius has travelled to a few places over the past few months. But everything concluded with his trip to Milan.

Bp George

While Milan’s report yesterday states that “Bishop Onufrius has left the Synod”, Metropolitan Onufrius explained that in fact this was written after his visit, where he was given the official letters of resignation of Metropolitan Evloghios and Archbishop Abundius, as well as the right to publish officially representing the Synod. Perhaps they realized they were now powerless to stop the process of the reformation of the European Metropolia. What was clear was that the process was orderly: with the approval of the American Metropolia and the agreement of Her Sister Churches, Metropolitan Onufrius’ presence in Milan was now simply a formality.

Upon his return today, Metropolitan Onufrius of Italy informed us that he permitted us to publish the news about the new Metropolia, which is comprised of three Bishops and a Synodal representative:

Metropolitan Onuphrius of Italy
Archbishop Barsanuphius  of Chernivtsi
Bishop George, Vicar of Bergamo
Archimandrite Silouan

And their official website, at as well as more to come.

Posted by Dcn Joseph Suaiden (via Nabble)
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