Archbishop Onuphrios Refuses MP Union In Italy

According to the website of the former Milan Synod, Archbishop Onuprhio of Bergamo, who is called a former Bishop of the Orthodox Synod of Milan, has sent papers saying he refuses to join the Moscow Patriarchate. 

The official statement says:

With this release we present that Bishop Onofrio of Bergamo, former member of the Orthodox Synod of Milan, according to documents received in our office did not accept the suggested conditions of our adherence to the Moscow Patriarchate. Consequently Bishop Onofrio is no longer a part of our ecclesiastical jurisdiction that accepts unity with the Moscow Patriarchate.

Stranger is the fact that the statement is placed under the header of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Milan and Aquileia.  Since Bp. Abundius convinced Met. Evloghios to renounced the episcopate together, it seems strange that they have now seemed to resort back to this title, unless it is for legal purposes.  As there have been a few depositions and other disciplinary actions taken against recalcitrant and anti-union clergy in Italy, this would seem to be a very muted response to Archbishop Onuphrios’ position. Perhaps former Bishop, now Father, Abundius realizes that since he has renounced the episcopate, he has no real standing to depose a bishop when he is now claiming to be a simple monk.

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