Vatican to investigate Medjugorje Satanic Ustashi Cult scam

Back in Sept. of 2008 it was announced that the Pope had launched a crackdown and suspended the dubious Franciscan priest Tomislav Vlasic, who was at the center of claims that the Virgin Mary, since 1981, appeared more than 40,00 times at Medjugorje in Bosnia to six children under his “spiritual direction”.
Benedict XVI had called for “severe cautionary and disciplinary measures” against the priest after he refused to cooperate into claims of scandalous sexual immorality “aggravated by mystical motivations”. Vlasic was a central figure in promoting the apparitions that allegedly began in 1981 and continue to this day. In 1984, Vlasic told Pope John Paul that he was the one” who through divine providence guilds the seers of Medjugorje” and that the child visionaries even said the Virgin Mary had told them that he (Vlasic) was a living saint. Later, it was revealed that Vlasic had fathered a child with a nun called Sister Rufina, begging her not to expose him, then moved to Italy setting up a mixed male and female religious community, called Queen of Peace, dedicated to the Medjugorje apparitions.
The Bosnian site had grown to become the most visited unauthorized Catholic shrine in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of pilgrims a year. Croatians have used this hoax to defraud millions of gullible pilgrims worldwide, with the main targets being rich Western pilgrims. Local bishops, convinced the claims were fraudulent complained to Pope Benedict in 2006. This led to an investigation of Vlasic. In 1985 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict – banned pilgrimages to the site, but this has been widely ignored.
The seers of the alleged vision, and their town, have since grown very wealthy as a result of their claims.
Let’s hope the Vatican doesn’t take too much longer to study this sham and shut it down, if that is truly their intent.

Medjugorje phenomenon to be studied by Vatican commission


Rome, 13 March 2010 Apic / Blagovest-info. TheVatican intends to establish a special commission to investigate the alleged phenomenon of Our Lady of Medjugorje, reports the Italian weekly magazine «Panorama». Thus the Catholic Church is planning to resolve the question of the truth of these phenomena.
Commission will be established at the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, headed the study, Cardinal Camillo Ruini (in the past – the Vicar General of Rome).
On the phenomena of Our Lady in Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) first talked in 1981, and final judgments about the truth of these phenomena in the Catholic Church is not so far. The local bishop, as a rule, are evidence of the phenomena with disbelief. Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, who visited Medjugorje at the end of last year, by contrast, talked about the message of Our Lady with great enthusiasm.
In 1998, the current pontiff, then – the prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, permitted to make private pilgrimages to Medjugorje, stipulating that the truth of the phenomena have yet to confirm or refute.
Polish Monsignor Slawomir Oder, the official postulator in the process of beatification of John Paul II, noted in his recent book, “Why he was a saint,” that the previous pontiff related to the phenomena of Medjugorje with great reverence. Writes Oder, John Paul II once admitted: “If I were not Pope, I would go to Medjugorje to confess.”

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Vatican Crackdown on Medjugorje, satanic Ustashi Cult

Sept. 11th, 2008

Croats have used Medjugorje hoax to manipulate and defraud millions of gullible pilgrims around the world, making the rich Westerners the main target.

Situated on one of the largest mass graves in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Croat Nazis — Ustashi — have exterminated the entire Serbian Orthodox population in the most gruesome ways, Medjugorje “shrine” was aggressively advertised as a place of hope and healing by the Ustasha descendants, right ahead of another pogrom against the Croatia Serbs.
Their ’shrine’, expensive hotels and Medjugorje pilgrim’s heaven is built on the very spot where thousands of Orthodox Christians were slaughtered by the Ustashi, in the WWII. The Orthodox Serbs who were a majority in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina before 1941, were completely exterminated during the WWII. This is where Serbian Orthodox priests were publicly tortured, castrated and buried alive. The notorious Jagodnjaca pit in Medjugorje became the common grave to over 1,000 Orthodox Serbs, including three priests: Fr. Ilarion, Fr. Bozo Sarenac and Fr. Dusan Blagoja. Medjugorje is the very place where Croatian Ustashi took a train with boxcars loaded with Serbian women and children to the mountain top, and where these women and children were thrown alive off its summit.
Medjugorje hoax hoax was created, orchestrated and controlled by the present-day Ustashi, the descendants of those responsible for the slaughter of over 750,000 Orthodox Serbs in WWII and partners-in-crime to those who dispensed with up to 500,000 Serbs in the latest ethnic cleansing of Croatia, in the nineties, the worst pogrom in Europe since the end of WWII:

(…) This entire charade – the children, the messages, the existence of the shrine itself – was one of the most successful propaganda instruments of the [Ustasha] movement which had blown up airplanes, assassinated ambassadors, planted bombs in movie theaters and airports and had prided itself on the extermination of thousands of fellow Christians, right on this very spot.

There is ample evidence in support of the claims that Medjugorje Franciscans have used the funds generously provided by swindled pilgrims for another pogrom of Serbs in Croatia during the nineties.
Dr. Giorgio Gagliardi, a world expert who specializes in Medical and Experimental Hypnosis and Hypnotic Psychotherapy, asserted: “Medjugorje is a conspiracy to finance arms for the Croatians’ independence, ethnic cleansing and genocide similar to Hitler’s,” while Roman Catholic Cardinal Edouard Gagnon confirmed:

The Franciscans… are collecting money for a fake orphanage which is a front for the banks they run …The building spree around Medjugorje is taking place at the same time that the Croats are constructing armament plants and concentration camps.

Led by the few dozens of brigand Franciscans and suspended clergymen, the “seers” who are now way past their teenage years, live in a lap of luxury hardly expected from those who have daily visitations by Mother of God — 40,000 of them for just one clergyman, Vlasic, who claims to be “a living saint”.