RusOC in America: Archimandrite Nicholas (Iuhos) recieved in from HOCNA

A total surprise to us, as a Russian True Orthodox jurisdiction which had previously been only in the CIS comes to America: the RusOC (Russian: РосПЦ– Российскую Православную Церковь), primarily the Russian part of the ROCOR-V that was formed originally during the period of change in 2004-2006, and had broken off as a Russian administration and has been growing throughout Russia over the past few years, has– according to its news site– received in its first American monastery.

According to the official website of RusOC and reported on Mech-I-Trost, Archimandrite Nicholas (Iuhos) has been received into the RusOC from the HOCNA (confirmed by us this morning) and Fr Nicholas has graciously agreed to a short interview with NFTU, where we can learn more about Fr Nicholas’ decision and more about the RusOC.