The End of the “Church of Italy”?

The “Church of Italy”, founded by Metropolitan Antonio de Rosso, who reposed last year, appears at first glance to have been reduced to a lay organization. Its previous head, Archbishop Basilio of Ostia (formerly of the Milan Synod), was apparently removed from the organization this month. (The Google cache of February 28 apparently shows him still listed as head of the organization). The Bishop has apparently not been recognized by the Bulgarian Alternative Synod above as the legitimate head of the Church of Italy, and has since founded his own autonomous Church of Italy called the “Italian Orthodox Church“.

It appears the majority of the clergy of the original organization have joined with the Bishop, leaving the lay organization of the former “Church of Italy” with two deacons and a lay organization. Sadly, however, a prime opportunity was lost: the Bishop, formerly on the Traditional Church Calendar, abandoned its use upon joining the COI organization, and now remains apparently on the New Calendar, nor is there any longer any organized resistance to ecumenism.