NFTU Radio Update: Failure to Launch

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November 28, 2012
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NFTU Radio Update: Failure to Launch

“Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.” – Prov 16:18

As the person in charge of starting NFTU Radio’s 24 Hour Station, let me apologize to all our readers and potential listeners. I had originally planned to start this evening at 9 PM EST. However, due to a number of circumstances not coming together, for which I claim full responsibility, we didn’t launch tonight.

I didn’t get it all together, and I am sorry. I was convinced that with just a first-time online station user hitting a few clicks and using a server we’d be competing against online radio that’s been established for years by the Nativity Fast. I didn’t work as closely with potential partners. I didn’t take into account mitigating circumstances.

In short, I opened my fool mouth on Sunday and didn’t think of the consequences. We’re almost there, but announcing a launch that we simply weren’t prepared for was my arrogance. I am confident we are hours, perhaps a full calendar day, away from opening up NFTU Radio, God willing.

The last time I used a countdown clock on this site was a demand that someone release information. How ironic that another countdown clock now judges me for my own hubris. I only wish to apologize who watched that countdown clock I put up this morning. It will stay there until the site links to the station, as a reminder to your editor that anyone can mess up deadlines in a public and miserable fashion.

I promise, it will be down soon– because I see it too.

In Christ,

Deacon Joseph Suaiden


  1. frsteven says:

    As the Australians say, “No worries, mate!” 🙂

    May God prosper the project.

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