American Metropolia: New Bishop for Miami and Cuba

Metr. John (c.), Bp Fanourios (c. fr.), Bp Christodoulos (3rd from left)
with parishoners and clergy of Holy Archangels Parish, Lincoln, NE

On Sunday, February 12 (NS), Bp Christodoulos of Miami and Cuba was consecrated by Metropolitan John of New York and Bp Fanourius of Lincoln, with the blessing of Archbishop Hilarion of Texas, at the Holy Archangels Eastern Orthodox Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. The new Bishop will be the Synod’s representative for Latin American Parishes.

The Lincoln Parish was blessed with the consecration during a period of great change in the Metropolia, as it adapts to its current role of filling the void left by attempted absorption and collapse of the Milan Synod. The Metropolia now has four Bishops and remains in full communion with Her sister Churches in Greece and Russia.

Bp Christodoulos is assigned as a Synodal representative for Latin America and currently has a mission in Miami and Cuba, as well as missions forming in other regions.