An Open Request for Information from Fr Chad Hatfield

Dear Father Chad,

Greetings in Christ! I hope your travels have gone well. My name is Joseph Suaiden, and I am in a Traditionalist Orthodox jurisdiction. I have a question of some importance. I have been following your new Metropolitan’s (and your own) interest in the conservative Anglican Churches and ecumenical dialogue with them, et cetera. I also run a news website that goes to a few thousand readers each month. The reason I am writing, as you can probably guess, is related to the Nashotah house meeting of the past few days. (I realize it’s been a whirlwind in terms of travel these days– did you go with Metropolitan Jonah to Georgia?) In any case our opinion of this meeting, like any number of like opinions in the state Church, is resoundingly negative, but for some reason someone on our Twitter log is absolutely certain that you’d gladly reveal the contents of the “Covenant Partnership” that SVS and Nashotah House signed. I am not so convinced.

Now, we’ve gotten a descriptive sentence here or there, but we, in the interests of open information, would like to know the actual contents of the letter so we can put them up. After all, if it’s nothing, it’s nothing. And we’ve heard it’s nothing, but we are pretty sure your leaders didn’t sign a blank page, so a lot of people throughout Orthodoxy would love to know what’s on that paper.

Is there any chance you can help us? If this is really nothing, we’d love to see it and be the first to calm down the many Orthodox in canonical jurisdictions that are truly scandalized. After all, for those of us outside the fray, this sort of dialogue is bad by its nature, regardless of what’s on the paper. My personal belief is that we don’t need it. But people want to know!

Anything that you can do to help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!

In Christ,
Subdeacon Joseph Suaiden
General Editor, NFTU