Appeal of the Krasnoyarsk Podvoria of the True Orthodox Church to all Orthodox Christians

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

We appeal to you with the words of the call to a church social reconciliation. Our words – this is the cry of the Orthodox soul, for which Orthodoxy – not book faith, not philosophy, but a practical way of salvation.

We have 16 years experience of counseling families. Before our eyes, passed thousands of broken human lives as a result of our godless upbringing and education, where almost all the generations lost the moral condition, that is, conscientious state, which does not depend on education, nor religion, nor of the social situation. Trying to help others, we first tried to solve their own problems, leading to internal discomfort, that is trying to remove the causes of dissatisfaction with their work, which often arises from powerlessness to help a person solve his psychopathic intrafamily relationships. The more we attempt to dismantle and remove the causes which prevent a person from living in harmony with their conscience, the more and more convinced that the main reason for the loss of a conscientious human condition is to split Orthodoxy. This schism Orthodoxy is the result of our disastrous state of the Russian people.

Historically, the Russian Orthodox Church at various times has been split into several parts, and this separation of the church led to the spiritual impoverishment of all its parts, and with them the whole of our society . split still has a negative effect on society, as split the parts continue to struggle for spheres of influence, engaging in this struggle, and people. We are their personal destinies and their activities have the result of the split.

Our activities are inextricably linked to the works of mercy, the reconciliation between people, regardless of religion or social status. Engaging in educational activities, we have tried to convey to all who come to us to view the world as God himself, manifested through His creation, and living life as an entity exists, the beginning and cause of all existence, the base and the Truth and the Good . Good is reason to start, it attaches to the truth, pure knowledge, and opens the harmony and unity in multiplicity, for the Divine world gives concord, harmony and unity of the universal to all peoples, not to mention the people of one country. bestow peace and quiet, connects the entire universe and leads all to the unity both between themselves and with others, and with the integrated system and the Creator of the world, and the souls of men by the power of his mind, good will, and spiritual purity of their feelings ,divine love merge with the divine life and divine harmony of unanimity in the peace and unity with Christ.

But in reality, people see something quite different. What a lot of people today without the support under the feet, stretches to the temples, and there they are mostly met inattention and rudeness, slander to others, do not belong to their church. How many tragedies in the family, because someone has taken a different Orthodox religion, in contrast to the rest of the family, but someone did, looking at the religious strife, turned away from God, or left in the organization is not Orthodox.

People today almost all have an education, and they want answers to their questions, but most of the clergy, including bishops do not want to know anything about the history of schisms, because nothing can answer the burning questions looking man, and if they say, is , justifying himself, brand other Orthodox belonging to other churches: the one dissenter, the sectarian, and that all fell away from the faith, a heretic. But people very often ask about their loved ones who are parishioners of other Orthodox churches. The pain, and how to bring discord and soul of the family such clerics!

Faced with the tragedy of the families on the basis of religious differences, we decided to make contact with known Orthodox denominations, ie began to knock at the Orthodox Church in Russia, and we want to share our experiences, what came of it.

We knocked on all the Orthodox Church in Russia, calling for reconciliation, but no one answered, not expressed complicity! Moreover, it appears that each of the churches only themselves as true and only invites hisfence, saying that you are outside the fence of the Church. Each church claims to absolute truth, be taken measure of the whole, and drop – be a measure of the ocean, of course – be a measure of the Infinite.

In life, it can not be that whole part was fenced off! In God’s world can not be subdivided. For him, everything is in harmony and interdependence. But the Church believes that each can only be his own fence, which only one is true for all the saving. For some reason, we tend to forget that each fold of the Church is a unit that is the Church on earth, where, during the Divine liturgy worldwide victim – is a sacrifice that two thousand years ago, was brought forthe entire human race. This sacrament is performed in Orthodox world, in every Orthodox denomination. Calling on the Lord in the Eucharist, we become His Body, the Church of the Heavenly merge with and become one of the universal Church, the head of which our Lord Jesus Christ. So what do we share? Only the internal differences of each dispensation of the Church, creates human ambitions, we have encountered during your treatment.

In Russia today, the historic schism represented by three churches that emerged after the split. This Russian Orthodox Old Believers’ Church, the Russian Orthodox Church and the True Orthodox Church. The most ancient Orthodox – is Believers Church.

Russian Orthodox Old Believers’ Church

Three hundred years ago Russia professed a Christian, Orthodox faith and was a true Orthodox Church. Was not then in the Russian Church or heresy or schism, no strife. For more than six centuries, beginning with the baptism of Russia (in 988g.), The Russian Church enjoyed internal peace and quiet , while the Patriarch Nikon and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov ( the second half of XVII century ) was conceived and implemented the reform of the Church. The pretext was known – correction of books, specification practices. Nothing wrong with that, of course, no, books are always corrected, because the correspondence could be made mistakes. All participants further developments, including future opponents, were unanimous in the need for reform. But what followed, defies any description.

At the Council in 1667 were excommunicated all the old rites, was anathema dvuperstnoe sign of the cross, which, of course, all the baptized Russian saints, beginning with Saint Olga. And, in the theological understanding dvuperstnoe sign is more credible and to the same and older. Instead it was introduced triperstnoe. Actually committed were anathematized all Russian Saints, besides the book, as it turned out, turned out much worse than the old, with many serious errors, which changed the meaning of worship. been introduced in the new rites of the Russian Church, the new service books and grades, established new relationships to the Church, as well as Russia itself, to the Russian people, to take root other notions of piety, the sacraments, of hierarchy imposed by the Russian people a completely different world, a different world-view, and more. Russian people could not accept that.

All this was the reason the church split. Who followed Nikon, adopted new rituals and ranks, learned a new faith – those people started calling and nikonianami novoverami. Themselves followers of Nikon, using state power and force, declared themselves Orthodox Church, or dominant , and opponents of Nikon and its innovations, began to call insulting nicknames – “splitters”, they piled up and blame the church split . In reality, the opponents of Nikon’s innovations have not made the split they were under the old, the old faith, the ancient church traditions and rituals, nothing changed their native Russian Orthodox Church, as well as the ancient East – apostolic and universal. That’s why they call themselves the Old Believers (Old Believers), or ancient Orthodox Christians and the True Church of Christ .

Throughout Russia and the fires burned log, erected gallows and other scaffolds, were rampant in the dungeons of the diabolical tortures and incredible cruelty. Defenders of piety pulled tongues cut off hands and heads, broken ribs mites, buried alive in the ground up to his neck, to the wheel, quartered, exhausting core, selected property plundered monasteries and convents of Old Believers and other spiritual seekers, selected temples, ancient icons and liturgical books, which are then burned. Prison, exile monasteries, caves and other places were full of convicts miserable for the holy martyrs, the true ancient Orthodox faith. The clergy and the civil government with diabolical cruelty utterly destroy their own siblings – Russian people – for their loyalty to the precepts and traditions of Holy Russia and the True Church of Christ. No one was spared: kill not only men but also women with children.

Blazing log fires, and with tens of thousands of innocent victims, chopping block with axes, with the cut off heads, with streams of blood, the gallows, the wheel, quartering, vymatyvanie lived buck – it was dogmatic, theologically justified, fixed and blessed the new church. Even confession became a means of investigation, and the priests were detectives and informers with extraordinary privileges and power. The priest was to elicit the penitent “deliberate mischief,” for which he should be arrested, and he himself was supposed to take “urgent and neotbyvatelno” in the place indicated by the Government – “Secret Office” (the then such event), or the “Order of the Transfiguration” (Peter the Great GPU).

Great and mnogoterpelivye sufferers – Russian Orthodox Christians – showed to the world the extraordinary strength of mind in this terrible time of persecution. Many of them have departed from the true faith, unable to bear the brutal torture and inhuman torture. But many went to their death boldly, fearlessly and even joyfully. There were cases when even the children were in a flame of fire fearlessly and peacefully. In many places where the expected persecutors, spies and torturers, were prepared in advance and log cabins for self-immolation have been adapted to this particular house, chapel, church, tarred and coated with straw. “There is no place anywhere – talked sufferers – only care that the fire and the water.” And burning hundreds of thousands of people at a time. This extremely terrible time experienced when good men. The vast majority of persecuted Christians ran into the desert, forest, mountain, impassable swamps, the “end of the world” and today there seems to be no country or one continent, wherever they lived Believers.

In 1800, “to facilitate the transition of Old Believers” in “nikonianovskuyu” church decision of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church was established Edinoverie Church. The ancient rites Edinoverie Church with administratively to the Synod and the Diocesan Bishops, and had their ruling bishop, but the small quantity of the Old Believers moved to this church. (Today Edinoverie Church is still subordinated to the Moscow Patriarchate).

More than two and a half centuries, stayed in the persecution of the Old Believers. Persecution sometimes slacked and increasing again, but never stopped. Kings proclaimed religious tolerance, it is widely used in Russia, different religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Mohammedan, Jewish and pagan. Only one Believers had freedom in his native homeland, they had created.

It was only during the reign of Nicholas II (the end of 1905.) Believers have the opportunity to openly organize in their own country church life: to build churches, monasteries, to make religious processions have bells, organize communities, open schools, etc., but the curse and the anathema pronounced by Patriarch Nikon and the council old rites and dvoeperstnoe sign of the cross, were not removed.

And only the last Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, which met in secret because of the severe persecution of the Church of the atheist regime and called “Travelling” Council in 1928 represented 72 bishops, without any request on the part of the canon of the Old Believers 12 established the following rule: “The unrighteous oaths and curse on the ancient Orthodox ritual and piety are invalid and repugnant; Great Moscow Council of 1666-1667gg. is not “great”, but the Russian robber Cathedral. Who blasphemes the ancient ritual and piety: Anathema. “

Commission on the Old Believers was “act of reconciliation” in which it was said: “We invite the Believers to the mutual union to common prayer and love to fix our church life.”

After the cessation of persecution, the Old Rite Church began to build his church life, but exhausted by previous persecution and harassment, apparently resigned to the situation ever persecuted, and already, it seems, is not able to fight. Old Believer communities bespopovtsev stayed in remote villages, but they do not enter into a dialogue with the public, afraid to lose the remnants of faith.

Overall Believers Church closed and irreconcilable, particularly uncompromising Old Believer clergy regarding the Moscow Patriarchate (Nikonians). Old Believers do not recognize the saints and martyrs, the Church celebrated the Nikon. Parishioners more friendly, open to dialogue, but subject to the Constitution of the Church and the priesthood.Social activities are not engaged, because they believe that social activity is the destiny of the sectarians, they can be saved through it, and the Believers will be saved true faith.

Currently supported by the Old Believers church life outside rather than the inside, because the priesthood is not enough, and they do not have time to converse with parishioners on spiritual topics, including the dispensation of the personal spiritual life. No preaching and living, affecting people’s hearts and help to get answers to their life questions. Are increasingly common in the Old Believer families intermarriage with non-Orthodox, including “nikonianami”, which is a pain for the Old Believers and hereditary cause of family disputes. Also, all the smaller the living example of piety: Old Believer martyrs for their faith go to the other world, as a result it will take 10 years and lost without a trace the cultural and historical formation, which is owned by the Old Believers, as more and more of their temples filled with parishioners who are referred from the Russian Orthodox Church .

Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old Rite Church is the Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, Reverend Cornelius, hereditary Believer. After the election of Metropolitan Cornelius Primate FROC, the Church started a split.Currently scheduled nepominayuschih Metropolitan Cathedral of Cornelius, in order to officially start a new Old Believer church. This is logical, since it is known that the outer life of the Church, a life without Christian love always leads to splits and internal disorders.

Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate

Nikon’s split, as the church split after the 1917 revolution, the blood and suffering brought upon Russian confessors of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Church’s condemnation of the people curse. Curse of the Russian Orthodox Church, and no one has taken so far and tend to her, and all the Russian people. Holy ash and dust from the shattered bodies of the confessors, and covered with a thick layer Orthodox lands. Is it because we, nor our or someone else’s mind can not understand myself that every day, tramples the shrine? Haunting our blood, longing mind. And nothing we have not obtained. And we can not understand that the Lord would have it, and covered the land of our holy. And what does it all – in contrast to the volcanic ash does not istrachivaetsya holy ash.Maybe that’s why the Russian Church is the most uncompromising and intolerant of so-called “dissenters” dissenters and all the “wrong” people?

And yet, no matter what part of the Orthodox Christians in the Russian Church, and tried to live by faith and the Russian land is at all times is a whole host of saints. It is said that the holy God sends when their spiritual endeavor can be an example, can be claimed by people when society succumbs under the weight of suffering, wants peace and is very willing to participate in the creation of this world. True Christianity has always impacted on people, especially on the inside, morally, with love, through self-sacrifice, not through external rampant passions or physical subjection by force. And do not cause violence to calm, always evil begets evil, not good.

Baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church by pouring or sprinkling, as the Latins, which contradicts all the Orthodox canons and decrees of the Ecumenical Councils. And only very few priests baptized correctly in three dives. Currently pogruzhatelnoe baptism restored in a number of dioceses, as well as among the laity repeatedly murmur arose about oblivatelnogo baptism.

Referred to the ROC from the so-called “split” through repentance take the curse of all heresy and apostasy from the true faith, and came to accept the dignity of the laity, for the test of faith, and then re-ordained. Baptized or crowned “Raskolnikov” re-baptized priest, even if baptized by triple immersion and perevenchivayut, because they believe that all dissenters are deprived of grace. Because of these actions for the priesthood the tragic fate of the Christians of the situation, which hid not only on saving ways appropriate to the faith, but also question the clergy of the ROC, because gone over already know that cross illegally pogruzhentsev: Holy Church, not ever decides to re- baptize those who are baptized in three dives even heretics and schismatics. Re-baptize those who are baptized pogruzhatelno, commit a crime, the second Hristoraspinatelstvo.

Russian Orthodox Church is constantly striving for absolute domination of the Orthodox in Russia tends to coexist with the secular power, through which and by which to act in society. Being the largest in number of the Orthodox Church in Russia, Russian Orthodox Church, burdened by bad heredity, more than any other church is showing anomalies of human society.

All disease than patients present in our society its members, most clearly manifested in the priesthood. Modern priesthood brought up in pious families, and the families of atheists which drove at one time the church, so they reflect all the kinks are the soul of our society. Along with wonderful priests who are working tirelessly to salvage the field of God, spiritually nourishing the hungry soul, and which are the spiritual stronghold of the Russian Orthodox Church, meets many of the priests carrying the destruction. Such priests fornication, use alcohol and drugs, guilty of the sin of Sodom, marry prostitutes and divorced women with children, their wives have abortions and consecrated casinos and weapons, selling alcohol and tobacco, engage in other impermissible for a priest guilty of commercial activities and numerous other sin present in our sick society. All these crimes are becoming unbearable temptation to beginners Christians repel them from the Orthodox Church, increasingly leaving the empty churches, and only by great need or great feast of people go to the temple.

In the Russian Orthodox Church opened many temples, where several newly minted father, who trained not faith, and trained ritual activity, so the ROC is highly developed so-called “mladostarchestvo” that not found in other churches. Mladostarchestvo ROC is a disaster, as many novopostavlennye priests who have received from God in the sacrament of the priesthood right to spiritual guide his flock to believe that such is the right means undivided power over the souls of men. Untrained faith, they are not only experts in theology and Scripture, are not aware of the mystical meaning of the sacraments, they organize their communities for their indisputable authority, backed by a negative attitude towards the church authorities, as well as other pastors and parish communities. But from these pastors, an opposition and a critical attitude to Orthodoxy because of its uniqueness, and comes blasphemy against other Orthodox denominations, which causes confusion and discord in society. But it is not only a “junior elders” suffer their exclusivity. Many bishops of the older generation also talk about the exclusive truth of the Russian Orthodox Church and even more intolerant of “heterodox”, so called in the Orthodox Church all who does not apply there.

Russian Orthodox Church recognizes the imperfection of its members, has written about this. But to a man to become spiritual person, with the ability to create and fill the spiritual spirit of social life, freedom, family, home, it is necessary to cut off the skills and qualities of the soul in the same environment. Human psychology is not changing rapidly, even if it looks radically changed his life. It can be a new person in their name and calling, but old on their spiritual way of life.

Russian Orthodox Church is intolerant of brothers in the Orthodox faith in Russia, actively involved since 1961 in the ecumenical movement outside Russia, praying together with various non-Orthodox Christian movements abroad.She is a member of various ecumenical organizations, such as the “World Council of Churches’ (WCC),” The Conference of European Churches “(CEC),” The Ecumenical Council of the European Youth “, and others. ROC justifies its ecumenical ties “the commandments of God of unity” and “evidence of Orthodoxy to non-Orthodox.”

If previously the Russian Orthodox people do not know about ecumenical work ROC, now Patriarch Kirill openly with Polish Catholics signed a historic document – the appeal of reconciliation and mutual forgiveness Russian and Polish ( ) . It was noted more than once, that thepolitical message in the document search is not necessary – it’s not there, it’s extremely apologetic, church, religious, in other words – an ecumenical.

With such domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Orthodox Church does not agree to many priests, and even entire congregations that do not commemorate Patriarch Kirill, and then separated from the Russian Orthodox Church and go to the Old Believers and the True Orthodox Church or form a separate community. This is even more so pushes people to judgment, causing them to doubt the truth of the Russian Church. Invisible to the majority of the Orthodox schism, more and more people share with each other. As a result, the main goal of the Christian life – the love of Christ, becomes a distant, barely visible, and in the fullness of its inaccessibility.

Small split continues and will continue to go on. Thus, in March 2012 there was “Order” of the Synodal Commission on monasteries on the collection of personal data on the clergy, monks and novices, carrying his obedience in the monasteries, temples and courtyards of the Russian Orthodox Church ( Orthodox / church_dossier ). In the “Order” are demeaning requirement to provide medical information and diagnoses, information on which is the medical secret and protected by law, which means that the existing “Order” violates the constitutionally protected rights of citizens of the Russian Federation, which are also clerics, monks and novices .

In addition to the completed questionnaire to the medical reports, autobiography, education, employment records, passport, photographs and other things we need complete information about relatives: parents, children, brothers and sisters. Their year of birth, education, occupation, marital status, and you must specify the type of ownership of premises: property, rent, renting, etc.).

It turns out that in the control systems, storage and processing of data every cleric, a monk and a novice will be personally identified, and even with all the family! It is known that “this process involves not only the collection and storage, but also adapt, modify, use and dissemination of personal data, which are any information about a person or non-human.”

This principle of collecting personal data is in conflict with claim 1, Art. 24 Constitution, which states that “with the forest, storage, use and dissemination of information about the private life of a person without his or her consent is not permitted. “

Moreover, in the definition of Holy Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church from 2008 “On matters of internal life and external activities of the Russian Orthodox Church,” included a paragraph 54, which says: Unacceptable such means and methods of electronic registration of movements and actions of the people who invaded have their privacy and would make it possible total control over the individual and management. “

Who else cares about the administration of the Church? About the state or people, day and night serving God, sometimes eating the dosypaya and hurrying to help the needy?

“Private life, vision and will of the people should not be subject to the total control of … Methods of collecting and processing information about people should not diminish human dignity, to restrict the freedom of man and turn the subject into an object of public relations machine control “- this is from the “Basic Teaching Russian Orthodox Church on the dignity, freedom and human rights. ” Item IV. Adopted in 2008, the Council of Bishops. So the Church says.

Theory and application of the Church, and the articles of the Constitution protect the person’s privacy, but in practice, the state and the church legalize their right to violate these prohibitions.

Today, as never before, the Russian Orthodox Church has become an important question of individual conscience, to which the Bishop John (Snychev): “Conscience – here is the first palpable manifestation of the spiritual life!” After all, you can live only by what you’re about to die! And ready to resist all these innovations in the Russian Orthodox Church said : “The Patriarch and bishops – is not the whole Church. We did not heretical papal church and the patriarch is not “without sin,” the Pope, as a bishop, as all the others, and thus his actions are subject to criticism. It is time to talk about the real state of affairs in our country and in the Russian Orthodox Church! Silence – then follow the path of lies and indulge evildoers . “

True Orthodox Church (the catacombs)

Early 20th century … a terrible confusion in the hearts and minds of the Russian people, the hardest legacy he received from the introduction of Western culture. No less a legacy of bears and the Church. Two hundred years of oppression Peter’s reforms, and the introduction of Latinism dominance in the statutory and liturgical life of the Church has led the Church to the beginning of the revolution in 1917 is a different character polusvetskuyu organization without spiritual unity. Therefore, subsequent events after 1917 led to a further split of the Russian Church.

Terrible attacks atheist regime that seeks to eradicate from the human mind, even the very name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Church attempts to lead the internal lacerations to that November 20, 1920 Patriarch Tikhon issued a decree “On the right of the local bishops to create temporary autocephaly”, which gave the right ruling bishop operated independently in his diocese to in some way to save the church from complete submission to the Bolsheviks. Resolution “On autocephaly” was repeated by Metropolitan Agafangel (Transfiguration) in May 1922, after the arrest of the patriarch and his order to take control of the Church. Metropolitan Agathangelus failed mission management Patriarch Tikhon Church, as in the same 1922, he was arrested and exiled to Narym territory.

To discredit the Church, its ministers, and to split its internal unity of the Church, find it cowardly and traitors, to make it serve the godless state, the Bolsheviks in May 1922, organized a church split, creating renovationist or “living church.” “Living Church” sang the praises of the Soviets vehemently branded “counterrevolutionaries” – priests, headed by Patriarch Tikhon and diligently prove to the world that Russia had no persecution for their faith.And this despite the fact that only in 1922-23 he was brutally murdered over 8 thousand priests and monks.

To the “Living Church” were forcibly incorporated two-thirds of the 30,000 remaining in Russia parishes.Services were held in churches in Russian, thrones imposed in the pulpit, shaven priests liturgy in secular clothing.Were allowed to divorce and remarriage for the clergy, a bishop ordination of married priests.

Changing practices, a gross distortion of the foundations of the Orthodox Faith, frank cooperation with the GPU Renovationists caused a sharp outflow of parishioners from churches. Yet the Orthodox Church split Renovators these methods failed.

In 1922 he joined the movement Renovationists authoritative hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, the former rector of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy, the venerable bishop, the reputation of an outstanding theologian Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky). By virtue of their episcopal authority (then still recognized by the clergy), he was able to engage in renovationism many. Metropolitan Sergius starts terrible and irreparable for the Russian Church matter – a purposeful change of the hierarchy of the Russian Church to renovationists. The situation is more complicated in the Church. Done in front of all the spiritual and moral catastrophe triggered the spiritual revival of the Russian Church.

The best part of the Russian bishops had already begun to realize that the greatest tragedy for the Church threatens to become less civil cowardice large part of the clergy and laity, but the fact that the defects of the whole Church Renovationists imposed by force, at the cost of renunciation of brotherly love and the truth of the church.

After the death of Patriarch Tikhon in 1925, when thousands and hundreds of thousands of bishops, priests, deacons and lay martyrs died in the dungeons of the Gulag, Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky) signed the Declaration of July 16/29, 1927, which shook the strongest church schism.

In his notorious declaration of Metropolitan Sergius Church conquered the Bolshevik government, saying, after a decade of unprecedented persecution, bloodshed, blasphemy … “nationwide express gratitude to the Soviet government for the attention to the spiritual needs of the Orthodox population … we want to be Orthodox and at the same time conscious of the Soviet our civil union home, joy and success is – our joys and successes, and failures – our failures. “

This unprecedented desecration of the Church of Christ has meant that around seventy old hierarchy broke communion with the Deputy Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal Throne Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky). Hierarchs of the Russian Church, refused to communicate with Sergius (Stragorodsky) based primarily on the fact that a priest can not be a double standard, that the priest may not make mention of the Lord in the temple those in power who have blood on their hands and who in the end were excommunicated from the Church and anathematized the last legally elected Patriarch Tikhon.

1927 can be considered as the year of birth of church opposition. The whole priestly clergy not to adopt the Declaration of Metropolitan Sergius and not included in the Sovietized church organization formed a True Orthodox Church. State authorities regarded the church opposition as counter-revolutionaries and their main opponents. In opposition were many clergy who were distinguished moral purity, has been widely presented monasticism. On this occasion, Bishop Manuel (Lemeshevsky) in his sermon April 29, 1928 Mr. Trinity Cathedral in Leningrad expressed genuine sorrow: “fell off, broke the best pastors that his integrity against Renovationism were much higher than the others’ . But opposition to the church never considered myself dissenters. Metropolitan Joseph (Petrov) in his letter of 25.2.1927g. Archimandrite Lev (Egorov) wrote: “… The situation is this: we do not give the church a sacrifice and punishment to traitors, vile politicians, agents atheism and destruction. And this protest not the chip, and they split off from himself and boldly say, not only did not go, do not go out and never come out of the bowels of the Orthodox Church, and its enemies, traitors and murderers mean those who are not with us, not for us , and against us. Do not we go to the split, without being subject to Metropolitan Sergius, and you go to him obedient to him in the abyss of the church condemned. “

Almost all of the first generation of true Russian confessors were martyred in the prison camps of the Gulag.True Orthodox Church acted through “wandering” Cathedrals, which at that time represented the cream of Russian Orthodox Christianity in general, and in particular his bishopric. So, at the “nomadic” Council in 1928 was attended by 72 bishops, who have betrayed their Decides canons Sergius Church anathema, which so far no one has canceled.

All of the different branches and movement realized themselves as one of the Russian Orthodox Church and is inseparably prayerful Eucharistic Communion. Episcopate of all branches of the CPI participated in joint ordination, and ordained a bishop hierarchical group canonically recognized by all other eligible. Thus the True Orthodox Church preserved the tradition of apostolic succession.

In 1930, the head of the ACT OGPU Agranoff officially reported that “… discovered and dismantled at the end of 1930 all-union counter-revolutionary monarchist organization of churchmen” True Orthodox Church “, which was based in its anti-Soviet activity in the Black-clerical circles …” but Agranoff, saying the complete elimination of the CPI issued, wishful thinking. However, this document correctly reflects the massive repression that hit at this time on illegal existing parishes and monasteries of all branches of the CPI.

In 1938, the few survivors of the bishops of the CPI had to completely abandon the public service. Since that time, the True Orthodox Church became truly “Catacomb Church” worship which began to occur, as in the first century – in secret, hidden from the “outside.” Live in hiding hierarchy of the different branches of “Catacomb” of the Church for a long time had a special relationship with the Georgian Orthodox Church, so skhimitropolit Tetri-Tskaroysky Seraphim (Metropolitan Zinoviev), bishop of the Russian parishes Georgian Patriarchate, until his death in 1985 the bishops ministered CPI allowing them to serve in his cathedral, in order to prevent separation “catacomb” hierarchy of the universal Church.

In 1961, the Council for Religious Affairs of the USSR Council of Ministers issued a special statement, categorically prohibits the registration and legalization of the parishes of the True Orthodox Church.

14/03/1996, Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed a decree “On measures for the rehabilitation of the clergy and the faithful who have been victims of unjustified repression” in which the name of the state, guided by a sense of repentance, long condemned the terror unleashed by the Bolshevik Party and the Soviet regime against the clergy and believers of all faiths. This decree applies fully to the True Orthodox Church until the end of ispivshey cup of sorrow and suffering in terror. This decree made it possible for the True Orthodox Church, and look around as if to sum up 80 years of suffering and confession of the truth of God and the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.True Orthodox Church was reinvigorated.

First True Orthodox Church openly declared itself in 1994, and in 1998 the Russian Orthodox Church has equated it to the worst foreign totalitarian sects, inflicting Russian economic and other harm.

Of course, many reasons for this attitude to their own clergy and give the hierarchy of CPI. At the beginning of his public activity in the CPI flowed many people of the Church, especially clergy who disagree with the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church. These clerics have brought their vision device church, his own view of the Hierarchy, so the CPI began disorganization, internal division. In short, the struggle for power. And, as always and everywhere in a power struggle with a man wins a strong will and a strong charisma. So was the Metropolitan Rafail (Prokop).

Of all the known groups of the True Orthodox Church of his group was the largest and most should be church regulations, adopted by the Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Rafail seeks to unite separate fragmented Orthodox faiths and communities, for which he created a centralized organization, which is in opposition to the Russian Orthodox Church.

In centralized True Orthodox Church also includes several monasteries and communities formerly belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church. But discord and division in the CPI is still continuing and the world it is not expected for a long time.

At the same time there were some autonomous communities of the True Orthodox Church, which is not not join one of the groups who belong to the CPI . These communities do not want to be involved in internal strife and take peacemaking position, because the hard way to realize how deep within our hearts stretched the crack division, which extinguishes the light within us and is very difficult to wake brotherly love, bequeathed Savior. These communities are engaged in social activities, as their hierarchy believes that Christianity can not be twin commandment of love for God individually and separately to the people, so the way to God is through man. Service to others is the only possible expression of total love for God. These communities, realizing the danger of confrontation, seek today is not to repeat the mistakes of the church-state relations, which led to internal church strife, and, in the end – the weakening of Orthodoxy in Russia, and the suffering of the Russian people. Hence their commitment to peacekeeping, but they also slander, also being driven, are entered in the “black list”, which by order of the Russian Orthodox Church will wear all with the name of the True Orthodox Church.

Today, therefore, the pastors of all the Orthodox Churches, handing out bread of heaven “for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life,” and have a great view of his election, the truth of who consider themselves just right and the Great Shepherd, forgetting the One Razdayatele all the gifts and become a temptation for people.People are looking at these pastors, exclaims: “Who is like the beast?” (Rev. 13.4). Is Christ divided? Did he just crucified for the Russian Old Believers’ Church, or just for the Russian Orthodox Church, or only for the True Orthodox Church? Of course not. He was crucified for all men in the world and he does not want the separation between people. For God, all men without exception, their own and other people do not, which he treated with the deepest respect, as for his children, even if misguided, ungrateful, cruel, but his. All people are loved by God as well . God agrees with us, because He did not dissociate himself from us, when you could be given a look in disgust – he stayed with us, nothing we have not committed to divide us – He remained loyal to us through. Forgetting of whom were Orthodox spiritual strength possible for all the wisdom and righteousness remain without Christ. Staying at their wretched human power, in his only church yard, and not to know Christ, and thus lose and the Kingdom.

How to find a way to agree? Yeah, first of all, remember the promise of the Lord: ” If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, then, what they shall ask, it will be from the Heavenly Father. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I with them. “ Once, the apostles said to the Lord, that saw one casting out devils in the name of God and does not go with them, and ordered him (Mk.9, 38). The Lord then said, “Do not forbid him.” We, the Orthodox people who have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, do not do anything to germinate fruits of grace, full of life-giving force. We did not change, in fact, getting baptized in any church, we are filled with his election and start talking about the great things of God only in his church, mocking the other and denying others.The Holy Spirit does not join those who do not yet committed to the unity of those who have not learned the proper relation to each other. Terrible trouble can happen if the Holy Spirit with your heavenly gifts will remain in itself, and we are on our own, with their intolerance of each other. The span of life on earth and heaven would not break, but we are seduced his true noticing.

We often rush to blame others who do not belong to our church, of all mortal sins, without any evidence, using only rumors, denunciations, or remember some mistakes in the beginning. More righteous Nicodemus in the trial of Christ, said, “Does our law He judges man, before it hear him, and know what he does?” This requirement is all common sense: if you can not ask a man what he is accused, if he say “no”, and if you can not prove guilt, then no one dares to call him guilty. And if God finds us a kangaroo court, then he says ” what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged “ (Matthew 7.2).

What we say in his address, said in his sermons almost all clerics, absolutely all the Orthodox Churches as regards their church. But as for the others, we have a trumpet in the world, exposing our strangeness to one another, and to God alone. You can not inflame, stir human passions, especially in church circles. It is always fraught with serious consequences, as happened in the time of Patriarch Nikon, during the revolution of 1917. And remember the terrible words expressed in the early twentieth century, the holy righteous John of Kronstadt ” Stop go crazy enough!Enough go crazy! Rather drink bitter cup full to you and Russia. “

So what steps can be taken on the road to unity?

1. First of all, to cease to speak evil against each other. Stop rummaging through someone else’s laundry, looking for at least some dirty. Who is without sin, let him cast the first stone at her, said Christ, when they wanted to beat the whore. And everyone went. Today, perhaps we are sinless, that the other did not throw stones, and the whole block?

2. Want to get together, listen to each other and to release each other, and all the Russian people of the mutual condemnations and curses, repent for the legacy of the past.

Our unrepentant sin mutual condemnation only getting worse. Therefore, today’s Christians in the name of brotherly love can only accept responsibility for the bitter past for themselves, repent and be forgiven.

Forgive with all the fullness, because only our pride and vanity chosen because their church does not see the suffering of others. The tragedy has already been split, which should not continue today. Great Schism – this is our historical past which can not be changed, but you can change the current state, taking each other for companionship, so tomorrow we become unified and the Church.

So what keeps us from being together? Our dissimilarity. Dissimilarity is not in the administration of services, not just here all serve one Constitution, one called Lord prayers, perform the same rites. otherness of each church is expressed in relation to the world. providential God hath put us to be different, each with its own service in the world and that it was not the cause of our contention, and was just a desire for one another, for we are baptized by one Spirit into one body. God composed the body of one of the Orthodox Church, of instilling more abundant, so that there was no division in the body, and all members of the same care for one another.

Unless we believe and understand God’s providence? No, we do not recognize, though many say this nicely.Not accept for one reason: there is no love in us . And without love, as the LORD, all empty. Therefore, only trying to forgive each other, we learn to love and desire, and ask the Lord for the unity of the entire Orthodox Church.

“Yes, abolish the divisions in our Church, that they may be one and yes, all ye that the Lord izvedet the harvest workers of its own, but lack no ointment Siesta Church shepherds good, ideal imut prosveschati light of the true faith, as a great many people, faith, learning disability or not turned away from the faith. Yeah unite all the nations inhabiting it, in one family, you, Heavenly Father, unanimously confession, his whole life built together with one accord in the faith, he shall be one flock and one shepherd. May the spiritual sustenance and for all without exception. “

Speak well, and to write better, but it is very difficult to step over their ambitions and reach out a hand of friendship to those who attended many of the summer under the label “schismatic” or “sectarian”. But it must be done in order to save his people from further suffering and spiritual extinction. And it will be the same, ” whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, lovely, and that virtue, and praise “(Philippians 4 8).

Orthodox people! Look what’s today the danger looming on our long-suffering country! This juvenile justice, the introduction of mandatory universal electronic cards, a transfer of national wealth to China and Siberia and the Far East, and is reconciled to the Catholic Church, this is the dominance of Protestants and other non-Christian religions, and we all share and insulted each other. Even the animals in danger of coming together to save themselves, but we are not animals, and the children of Christ!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are writing to you to social and ecclesiastical reconciliation. People are tired of our insecurity, from our intransigence. They want peace and tranquility for your soul, for his family. So, let us strive for unity now, to share experiences and interact for the sake of future generations. Just remember that we are Orthodox, you love all the people in the present, to live all in peace and harmony, and then never be around enemies.

We appeal to you, the first hierarch of the Orthodox Churches , reconsider their attitude to each other and sit down at the negotiating table. At the Ecumenical Council Fathers clearly defined that is heresy, what is and what is split arbitrarily gathering. We – parts of one body – the body of Christ. We are all part of the equivalent, once united Russian Orthodox Churches, but we forget about it and to label at all, without thinking about the consequences.

If you do, the first hierarch, think about it, the Lord is sure to give you the understanding and soften your heart and you will finally stop because of his ambitions to torment the Russian people, who are least in this guilty. People want spiritual guidance, admonition, instruction, comfort, as many people do not know the simple truths of Orthodoxy, do not know what to live on earth, do not notice their sins and vices, and to help the people, must unite together at least in matters of education and mercy. For the entire Orthodox clergy should be the main thing the Lord’s words: “Go and teach all nations, and teach them to observe all that I commanded, and I am with you all days, even to the end of the age.”.

Dear brothers and sisters, I’m sorry we are sinners and unworthy of treatment, but we do have relatives who are also in the different churches, and our hearts ache for them, for their children, grandchildren, for their country, our earthly motherland that God has given us . Holy Russia was chosen by God to maintain and strengthen Orthodoxy, to spread the word of truth, based on love of neighbor and distant. It was to be a single state, a single “great brotherhood of Christ in thought, word and deed, the true God and of His Christ.” It was to be a truly ecclesiastical power, in all his ways his leadership of the Orthodox Church, “ any alien split, for will be one Church, will, and unified .

The pious people of God have always been the “guardian of the Holy Faith,” because “the very body of the church – it is the people , “ who has the right to express their opinion on the social and church unity, and this opinion will be decisive for all pastors. Lord Give us all the wisdom and an open heart filled with love and compassion for the other, is not in our Church. Be with all of us and all merciful covering love our Lord Jesus Christ!Amen.

We believe that, as after going through pain and suffering the early Christian period the Church came to the celebration of St. Emperor Constantine the Great, as a long-term persecution and tribulation iconoclastic troubles she came to the triumph of Orthodoxy, and through the pain and suffering separation epoch of Patriarch Nikon, the Bolshevik Revolution, it will come to the triumph of the unity of all parts of Orthodoxy in the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, showing the world the power and the greatness of the united Russian Orthodox Church, and then there will truly golden age of Orthodoxy, and with it Russia.

With love to you, the clergy, religious and laity of the Krasnoyarsk Podvorja True Orthodox Church is persecuted hulimye and included in the “black list”, but believing in the good sense of the Russian people