Arch of Titus Restoration Project Lecture

January 26, 2015  (Source:

On Sunday, February 8, 2015, the Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA) will host the lecture “The Arch of Titus Digital Restoration Project” by Dr. Peter Schertz, curator at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

The Arch of Titus was originally dedicated after the Emperor Titus’s death in 81 C.E. and celebrates his victory in the Jewish War of 66–74 C.E., which climaxed with the destruction of Jerusalem and her Temple in the summer of 70 C.E. An international team of scholars led by the Yeshiva University Center for Israel Studies has scanned the reliefs adorning the arch. Traces of color were found on the arms and base of the Temple Menorah relief. This discovery is consistent with Biblical, early Christian and Talmudic writings and particularly eyewitness descriptions of the golden menorah by the first century historian Josephus.  Dr. Schertz will discuss the importance of the arch in Flavian Rome and describe the process of studying the arch’s original colors and creating a three-dimensional digital model of how the arch originally appeared.

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