Archbishop Victor (Pivovarov) Comments on Social Order in Russia

( Archbishop Victor (Pivovarov) of Slavyansk (ROCOR-V- Abp Anthony Orlov) gave a tiered commentary on the official website about the future of Russia in the New World Order, castigating the current state of Russian politics, the Moscow Patriarchate and most of the other True Russian Orthodox jurisdictions. After clarifying distinctions between the different forms of government since the Tsarist era and stating that “the above model of government [was] created by enemies of Orthodoxy and the Russian people,” Abp Victor argues that only a return to Orthodox Tsardom will satisfactorily govern Russia, and that even a return to a monarchy without a return to Orthodoxy is useless.

Considerable time is spent pointing out a role on the part of Russian Jews in the rise of the Communist regime, as well as an expansion of “Russianism” to include non-Russians by birth, with only Orthodoxy as the criteria for the Orthodox Russians. He then castigates the Moscow Patriarchate for being a false Church. Finally, he rejects the “ROAC, RTOC, the ROCOR (L), the ROCOR (Zh.Ch.– Bp Vladimir- NFTU), RTOC (Zh.), ” the Old Believer Moscow Hierarchy, and the organization of Bishops in Russia under Bp Damascene.

There are also pictures of Bp Victor on the site with a Cossack military division in Slavyansk for which Bp Victor is the chaplain.