DJS: Having met Metr Andrei in Greece last year and finding him to be a Bishop of good character and kind and very decent man, I am shocked at his early repose at 52. He struck me as rather healthy then, however.  Memory Eternal! The below is taken from the official website of the TOC-R.

On Wednesday, March 13, 2013 (February 28 OS) after long and serious illness His Eminence Andrei (Tregub), Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia, Administrator for the True Orthodox Exarchate in Ukraine, reposed at the age of 52.

….Metropolitan Andrew was himself an example of a true servant of the Lord, which for many has become a real bishops, spiritual father and friend, and his mouth tirelessly preached the gospel truth, and he was always been a staunch fighter for the truth of Christ – a warrior of Christ our God.

Metropolitan Andrey (Vladimir Tregub) was born August 9, 1961 in Kiev, Ukraine. He graduated from high school and attended the Kiev Academy of Theology, seminary, in the city of Pistola.

January 7, 2002 by decision of the Holy Synod of the RTOC he was ordained Bishop of Vyshgorod by Metropolitan Stefan (Linitskim), Archbishop Vitaly (Kuzhevatovym). From  October 5, 2002 was elevated to the rank of archbishop Vyshgorodskiy and Galicia as the “Ukrainian True Orthodox Church- Apostolic” managing Ukraine independently, eventually raised to the rank of Metropolitan, as the manager of Kiev and Galicia diocese. On January 27, 2008 the diocese was incorporated as the “True Orthodox Church” with the title of His Eminence, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia and became part of the TOC-R.

Царство Небесное и вечный покой новопреставленному служителю твоему митрополиту АНДРЕЮ.
By a decision of 24 September 2012 the Council of Bishops and the Holy Synod of the TOC under Metropolitan Raphael, the Metropolis became the Exarchate of the True Orthodox Church in Ukraine and Metropolitan Andrei was made a member of the Holy Synod.


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DJS: Having met Metr Andrei in Greece last year and finding him to be a Bishop of good character and kind and very decent man, I […]
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