Autonomous Metropolia: SEDE VACANTE– European Parishes May Now Join Our Synod

In Better Days: Metropolitans John and Evloghios, with
Bp Fanourius of Lincoln, in Milan in February 2011

A statement on the Autonomous Metropolia’s website has been issued, offering asylum to parishes of the Milan Synod who do not wish to join the Moscow Patriarchate, in response to Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan and Aquilea abdicating the see of Milan to join the MP as a simple priest.

The statement reads as follows:

“It now appears that we find ourselves in a situation that has recently developed, namely, that there is now a lack of Episcopal oversight for the native peoples of Western Europe within the Traditional Orthodox Christian Church. Because our Holy Synod was canonically granted autonomy in 2011 over portions of Western Europe, we cannot now allow the traditional Orthodox Christians of the remaining portions of Western Europe to find themselves without episcopal protection. It is incumbent upon us therefore who derive our canonicity from the Tomos of Autonomy for Western Europe that was granted in 1984 by His Beatitude, the late Archbishop Auxentios of Athens, to extend the protection of our Holy Synod to the native population of traditional Orthodox Clergy and laity of Western Europe that were formerly protected by our Mother Synod in Milan and Aquileia. We therefore call upon all the Clergy and laity of Western Europe who have suddenly found themselves to be without episcopal protection to contact Our Holy Synod to avail themselves of a proper episcopal protection within the communion of the True Orthodox Churches associated with our Holy Synod.”

The official position of the Autonomous Metropolia towards Milan is now: Sede Vacante.