New Changes at NFTU!

Changes are coming for the largest English language True Orthodox News Site on the Internet! We have been slowly looking at new ways to better serve and interact with our readers, and some of the changes that we are implementing will be immediately noticeable.

1. A New Web Address: NFTU.NET
That’s right, after eight years with a BlogSpot address, NFTU is getting a top-level domain. We chose “.net” because NFTU is a network of writers, readers, and users. That, and “.org” sounded too much like “.ogre”. No more long searches. Don’t worry if you have links to the BlogSpot address: they will automatically redirect.

2. A New Embedded Forum
Anyone who’s followed the saga of the NFTU commenting system knows that we struggle constantly to balance accessibility with security and commenter flexibility. This became such an issue that we were actually going to migrate the site over to another platform. However, that’s before finding an embeddable solution, which will soon have the RSS feed for comments pulling on the front page. So visit our new NFTU Forum! Just click the top link, sign on, and comment!