TOC-Bulgaria: Priest Radoslov Paskalev Removed from rank for Sedition

Metropolitan Daniel II

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“A lawlessness performed in the True Orthodox Bulgarian Church (IPBTS). Self-headed gathering was conducted without the blessing of the superior of IPBTS Metropolitan Daniel II. Using his absence without the blessing of the bishop priest Radoslav (Paskalev) is presided over this “council.” According to Orthodox canons and statutory rules that criminal irresponsibility is blatant violation of church discipline. In this case, regardless of the severity of consequences provides ban on worship of the offending cleric and custodial orders (grace).”

(Apostolic Canon 31) “If any priest who, defying sobstvennago bishop tvoriti separate meeting would be, and erect an altar without the permission of the bishop of anything else piety and righteousness, let him be deposed Thou lyubonachalny. For there the thief of power.”

Priest Radoslav Paskalev,
Removed from office

“If any man, without the permission of the Metropolitan, the bishop will be delivered: for this is the great Council has determined that it should not be alone a bishop”
(6 rule of the First Ecumenical Council)

‘If that priest, the bishop of his anti puffed up, will create a split, let him be anathema “
(10 Generally Council of Carthage)

“If any priest or deacon, defying his bishop, shall separate himself from the Church and begin to create the special meeting and set up an altar, and called by the bishop – did not submit to him and did not want to obey him, and urge the former once and twice, does not listen – but such is completely deposed from his rank and can not be admitted to the ministry, nor again to his former honor ” (5 rule of Antioch)

“If any priest or deacon who, according to some charges, no purpose of their bishop, and the first sobornago izsledovaniya razsmotreniya and sovershennago judgment against him, dare otstupiti from communicating with him and will not be voznositi his name in prayers at the sacred liturgy, according to Church tradition, but those exposed to eruption and may be deprived of all priestly honor ” (13 Second Council rule)

‘If the same is not correcting itself, derzneshi touch the sacred rites, thou shalt be accursed before all the people, which receive and you will be separated from the whole Church ”
(88 St. normally. Basil the Great).

True Orthodox Bulgarian Church

I DO NOT condemn them, but they have CONDEMNED THEMSELVES AND THEIR CASE IS CONDEMNED by the nature of the evil.

True Orthodox Bulgarian Church

Primate of the True Orthodox Bulgarian Church

Members of the Supreme Church Council, clergy and laity IPBTS.
N0001-A II on April 3 2012goda.


This decree was issued cleric IPBTS Protopresbyter Radoslav Paskaleva (Pascal Radoslav Simeonov, born 3/16/1974 living in Plovdiv). Over the lies and deceit that he deliberately misled took the Holy Synod of the CPI in Russia citing facts and figures do not correspond to reality and the situation of the Church in Bulgaria, pursuing their own selfish purposes, and chislavnye in the confrontation with the Holy Synod of Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria Orthodox Church, and desiring to be drawn into this adventure and other members of the CPI in Bulgaria and abroad. For somochinie subordinates father Radoslav Paskaleva and the convening of the Supreme Church Council without the participation and blessing of the Primate IPBTS Filipoppolskogo Metropolitan Daniel II. Thus acting as an armed robber protivopostovlyaya his will to the will of the Church and the Primate. For obedience is not obedience to the Primate and IPBTS, making confusion among the faithful.

We Metropolitan Daniel, II Filipoppolsky Primate True Orthodox Bulgarian Church under the canons and rules of the Holy Church prohibit from serving, and is cast out of the priesthood Protopresbyter Radoslav Paskaleva depriving him of the administrative and all other powers IPBTS. (31 RULE Holy Apostles “… THAT PRIEST He despised his bishop will be cast FROM SACRED DIGNITY ….. “)

And this punishment distribute to those who have rendered THIS WILL BE PRIESTS.
(5 Rule of Antioch, “IF … presbyter or deacon despised his bishop HEREBY willfully put out YOURSELF FROM THE CHURCH AND IF YES MAKE Unauthorized MEETING OF DIGNITY will be cast …”)
From now on, if erupted from the priesthood Radoslav Pascal dares to make worship (liturgy) or other sacraments and rites, they will not be blessed! And not from the Holy Spirit! In this case, Radoslav Pascal will be anathema!

(Rule 10 Council of Carthage “… IF presbyter who was convicted of his bishop BUT CONTINUES TO BRING GOD SAINTS arbitrarily GIFTS WILL BE ANATHEMA TO HIM …”)

God’s mercy
METROPOLITAN FILIPOPPOLSKY Primate of the True Orthodox Bulgarian Church