Bishop Ambrose of Methoni Visits GOC-K Metropolis in Australia

December 27, 2014 (Source:

From October 31st to December 10th (on the Church Calendar), Bishop Ambrose of Methoni made a pastoral visit to the GOC-K Holy Metropolis of Oceania in Sydney.  Bp. Ambrose was appointed locum tenens of the Metropolis since the repose of its former bishop some years ago. The decision was made by the Holy Synod of the GOC-K.

During his stay Bp. Ambrose made visits and celebrated the Liturgy in several churches, such as Holy Unmercenaries in Sydney, St. Stephen’s in Melbourne, St. Nicholas in Brisbane, as well as other churches.

Bp. Ambrose also made a visit to the Free Serb monastery of St. Sava in Canberra and to the church of St. Eustathius in Melbourne (the later of which belongs to the GOC-K sister Church, the ROCOR-A).

There are 9 priests and one deacon in the GOC-K Metropolis in Australia (the ROCOR-A has 3 priests and one deacon).  Bp. Ambrose addressed many outstanding issues in the Metropolis, for example, concerning the issue of construction on the Free Serb monastery which is under the GOC-K (it originally left the Serbian Patriarchate and joined the now defunct Synod in Resistance, which then joined the GOC-K).


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