Bishop Demetrius of Boston (GOC-K) Elected Metropolitan

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January 12, 2014
Bishop Ambrose of Philippi Received into GOC-K
February 20, 2014

Bishop Demetrius of Boston (GOC-K) Elected Metropolitan

On February 6/19, 2014, the Holy Synod of the Church of the GOC of Greece under the Presidency of Archbishop Kallinikos elected His Grace Bishop Demetrius (Kyriakou), formerly of Boston, as Metropolitan to succeed His Eminence Metropolitan Pavlos (Stratigeas) of America, who had retired in December for reasons of health. Metropolitan Demetrius will thus also serve as the President of the Eparchial Synod of the Church of the GOC of America.




    • Daniel Smith says:

      Your need to continuously remind us speaks of depression and OCD. You have to remember your medication and stop accusing everyone of being homosexual. Me thinkest thou dost protest too much? 😉

      • What’s up with these accusations that New Calendarists are given communion for money? Anyone who has ever been to St. Markella’s knows that the indifferent New Calendarists that attend liturgy there from time to time throw a dollar or two into the basket, while the committed Old Calendarist families there are the ones giving thousands of dollars a year and keeping the Cathedral afloat. Metropolitan Pavlos solid his own apartment building across the street to pay off debts that Cathedral had in 2007ish. It’s pretty obvious that there is no “money to be made” by allegedly communing New Calendarists.

        Of course, it’s a moot point now anyway; I was at St. Markella’s on Sunday and there was an announcement made in Greek and English that you have to be a member of the GOC or one of our sister Churches who has confessed to and received the blessing of one of our spiritual fathers in order to partake of communion. So problem solved.

        • Another point. Father Gregory of Colorado keeps saying that Met. Pavlos is greedy for money…when said Fr. Gregory paints icons in New Calendar Churches for commissions. Isn’t that kind of a double standard? Let’s assume for a minute that Met. Pavlos did give NCs communion at St. Markella’s in the hopes that that would bring them in to the GOC…that’s still better than going to a NC Church and painting icons and beautifying their temples, providing them with false assurances, don’t you think?

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