Bishop Photius of Triaditza: Nativity Epistle

Today is born of the Virgin, He who holds the whole creation in His hand. He whose essence none can touch is bound in swaddling-clothes as a mortal man.. In a manger lies he who
in the beginning with God established the heavens … (December 25, Stichera 6,
ninth hour).
Beloved in the Bulgarian homeland, brothers and sisters, children of the Holy Orthodox Church!
Again, our Mother, the Church preached vigorously the mystery of Christ’s Nativity. .I say “again” because we all carry forward in the flow of time.And nevertheless, the Church sings: “Today is born of the Virgin Him He who holds the whole creation in His hand…”  Yes, the life of the Church, past, present and future
experiences in an inseparable unity.And this is so because through life in Christ eternity meets time, it sanctifies time, surrounding us in every piece of created time. Only the purified and reverent mind can touch the glare of the Mystery of the Nativity of Christ, and our smooth speech reads only haltingly, but with a  timid spirit, we humbly talk about it with  sermons – now “invisible becomes visible,
Intangible becomes tangible, the everlasting is home.”
A fully and seemingly helpless babe is born of the Virgin Mother, “He who with His hand holds all creation.” In the words of St. Gregory Palamas the body of the Mother of God was cleaner than cleanness itself through spiritual virtues, so it only can accept the Hypostatic Word of the Father. (The rest may be found here. Photos of the Nativity Celebration can be found here.)