Bp Agafangel elected Metropolitan of ROCOR-PSCA

(Sources: Mech-I-Trost / Portal-Credo) The Fifth All-Diaspora Sobor, under the auspices of the ROCOR-PSCA, in a controversial decision, elected Bp Agafangel of Odessa to the rank of Metropolitan of the Church Nov 20, new style. After dealing with a number of questions concerning the acceptance of two Seraphimo-Gennadite Bishops and their flocks, the Sobor voted on the canonicity of their reception (34 in favor, 4 against, 4 abstentions).

On the more controversial issue of the election of the Metropolitan, Bp Agafangel put forth the idea that there wasn’t a need to make a First-Hierarch yet, as relations with other Russian True Orthodox bodies could be improved from their current position. However, the majority felt that this was not a concern. A vote was placed on the matter, with 22 votes in favor, 16 against, and 8 abstentions.

Finally, a vote was held on the election of the Metropolitan. In three rounds of voting, Bp Agafangel received an absolute majority, and the Sobor ceremoniously awarded him the white klobuk and blue mantle of the First-Hierarch.