Bp. Akakije (STOC) Responds To Criticism of Youth Camp

August 21, 2014 (Source: serbiantrueorthodox.blogspot.com)

(Originally reported on August 11)

In regards to the media assault on the St. Lazar Orthodox Youth Camp organized by The Serbian Orthodox Monastery New Stjenik under the spiritual jurisdiction of our Church, I consider it my arch-pastoral duty to decisively raise my voice against the unscrupulous attack on the camp’s organizers and participants.

    From the very beginning, St. Lazar Orthodox Youth Camp (Svetolazarov Pravoslavni Omladinski Kamp – SPOK) was envisioned and realized as a place where, for ten days out of the year, living in nature and in harmony with it, St. Sava’s and St. Lazar’s ideals of love for God, and accordingly love for one’s neighbor and fatherland would be nurtured.  Let us clarify what these ideals for which SPOK stands actually mean.