Byzantine Basilica Excavated in Mallorca, Spain

January 17, 2014  (Source:

On the Mediterranean island of Mallorca in Spain lie the remains of a Byzantine settlement, known as Son Peretó, where archaeological excavations are underway. Inhabited from the 5th century CE to about the 7th century CE, Son Peretó was home to a Christian population and is perhaps the most significant Byzantine settlement in the islands. What makes the site so interesting to archaeologists is its importance as an example of early Christian architecture. The site features a baptistery and a basilica, and a number of human remains in noteworthy condition have been revealed.

“The current project,” write the Son Peretó project staff, “managed by the Manacor Historical Museum and the University of Barcelona, began in 2005, and since then our goal has been to preserve and restore the ruins uncovered during the 20th-century excavations, especially the foundations of several walls and untouched graves. So far the graves uncovered have been found in excellent condition.”

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