Central-Russian District Meeting of ROCOR-PSCA

“Fighting From Within”: The End Result
August 6, 2008
Official translation of the Minutes of the ROCOR-PSEA Central Russian District Meeting
August 8, 2008

Central-Russian District Meeting of ROCOR-PSCA

(source: ruschurchabroad.com) A Meeting was conducted between Bishop Agafangel of Odessa and the clergy of the central Russian district of the ROCOR-PSCA, which determined both the future course of the ROCOR-PSCA and their attitude towards the RTOC, as well as determining attitudes on Archbishop Lazarus (Zhurbenko). The Synod also discussed the glorification of Metr Philaret (Voznesensky) of New York. This would be the fourth at least the glorification of the third First-Hierarch of ROCOR, along with that of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church in Suzdal, the HOCNA in Boston, the ROCOR (Vladimir) in Montreal .


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