Chaos in Milan: Spain Refuses to Go Along

Abp Abundius with clergy and “guest of the MP”

Protests against the recent statement of Archbishop Abundius of Lecco on the Internet ordering the clergy of the Synod to commemorate the Patriarchate of Moscow are having immediate results in Europe.

The original version of the letter, listing the three Bishops of Spain and Germany as retired, has now been forcefully protested at the highest levels in the Spanish diocese, who indicated that they were never informed of this sudden “retirement” and Abundius’ sudden claim to be the “locum tenens of Seville and Spain”. In response, the site of Archbishop Abundius has removed both claims by removing the episcopal lists, replacing it with the more vague claim that “Everyone stands in the unanimous desire of the Synod of Milan (clergymen, faithful and Bishops) present in Europe to put under obedience of His Holiness Kyrill, Patriarch of Moscow. We confirm our desire and we wait for the official decisions of Moscow”. Without the support of the Spanish Archdiocese, the Milan move to Moscow leaves only Italy and Germany. We are investigating to determine whether the clergy of the German Archdiocese support this move or whether they too have simply been forced into a false union with the Moscow Patriarchate.