MP Seizes ROCOR Church in Barnaul

The gate to the Church locked by the MP

Click the Headline to be taken to the ROCOR-A news site, where a terrifying photo-gallery of the Church Seizure taking place can be found. This is the “Mother Church”? We can’t say it enough, folks: things have changed in Russia. They are worse.

( Today , after Davine Liturgy served by a priest of the ROCOR Fr. Alexander (Luzin), when all the parishioners had left, about 15 o’clock (local time) Sergei Belyaev (MP priest) , accompanied by police patrols, security company “Legion” and specialists of the company’s Castle-service entered the territory of the Ascension Church. When I was called by a parishioner and came to the temple, the cars of these structures were still there, the gate hung a new closed lock. Fr. Sergius was marching through the territory accompanied by a man in camouflage. The MP priest told us that now is the infiltration of the temple would be regarded as an assault on property that they are making the inventory of at this moment in the temple. Me, Fr. Alexander and the parishioners had no choice but to go home.