Concerns about an 8th Ecumenical Council – laity to MP

Orthodox laity issued an open letter to the MP expressing their feelings with the upcoming so-called 8th Ecumenical Council of the Orthodox Church. In the letter they outlined 10 points of concern which includedchanges to the Paschal calendar, intermarriage with non-Orthodox Christians, Sacred Tradition of the Church verses modern heretical beliefs and the Ecumenical movement. Also expressed were 6 points concerning contemporary Christian life in Russia.
03 March 2010
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Open letter to the Patriarch of the Orthodox laity Cyril

Your Holiness, bless!
Your Holiness!
The entire Orthodox world is witnessing the preparations for the Pan-Orthodox Cathedral, scheduled for 2010. As the agenda of the cathedral were offered the following questions:
1. The Orthodox diaspora. Determination of jurisdiction of the Orthodox associations across national borders.
2. Admission procedure status autocephalous church.
3. The procedure for recognition of the status of church autonomy.
4. Diptych. Terms of mutual recognition of the canonical Orthodox Churches.
5. Establishing a shared calendar holidays.
6. Rules and constraints for the sacrament of marriage.
7. Question post in the modern world.
8. Connect with other Christian denominations.
9. Ecumenical movement.
10. The contribution of Orthodoxy to the establishment of the Christian ideals of peace, fraternity and liberty.
We Orthodox Christians believe it is necessary to bring to you, Your Holiness, his vision of some of the issues to be discussed at the 8 th Ecumenical Council, namely:
– 1-4 points:
Changes to these items should not conflict with already accepted canons of the Orthodox Church.
– 5 points on the establishment of a shared calendar of holidays:
Guided by the teachings of the Church and, as well as the epistles in 1583, Epistle of the Ecumenical Patriarch Cyril V in 1756, Epistle of the Ecumenical Patriarch Anfimov VI, etc. of the Patriarchs in 1848, is unacceptable to change the Paschal and mesyatseslov in favor of heretics and novostilnikam.
– 6 points on the rules and constraints to the sacrament of Matrimony:
Church of Christ forbids intermarriage with non-Orthodox Christians. Since such a union loses its main property – the spiritual unity in Christ, thereby destroying the Sacrament of Matrimony, suggesting a common faith. The main guidance on this issue is 72-e rule Trullan Cathedral, 10-th rule Laodakiyskogo Council. All questions for the wedding, divorce and impediments to marriage established canons of the Orthodox Church, for which we, Orthodox Christians, need to follow through and not try to change them.
– 7 points on the question in the post modern world:
Sacred Tradition of the Church, said: “fasting and fasting days was absolutely necessary. This is not a human invention, and the promotion of the Holy Spirit of agreed and legitimized by the Church and the Cathedral, and Foundation and Head of the Church – Himself, our Lord Jesus Christ. He invested His church with such a power, which whoever preslushaet Church, “you wake yakozhe heathen and publican” (Matt. 18, 17), and we, Christians, must be guided by the Teachings of the Church.
– 8 points on Relations with other Christian denominations:
Rules of the Holy Apostles (10, 45, 64, 65), Rule 33rd Laodakiyskogo Local Council, Rule 2-e of the Sixth Ecumenical Council, as well as the teachings of the Holy Fathers of Orthodox Christians to warn up to excommunication, not to associate with heretics and schismatics .
– 9 point about the ecumenical movement:
Ecumenism was sentenced to a Pan-Orthodox Moscow conference in 1948, as well as some modern fathers of the Orthodox Church. Ecumenism, based on the teachings of the Church of heresies, is a heresy of heresies. So for him to fully apply all the rules and teachings of the Holy Church of heretics mentioned in clause 8.
-10 Item on the contribution of Orthodoxy in the statement of Christian ideals of peace, fraternity and liberty:
We believe that this issue should not contradict the Holy Scriptures, Sacred Tradition and the teachings of the Church. Orthodoxy is the Light of Truth to others and should not adapt to the worldview of the people of this age. We hold that the orthodox pastors to expose the vices of the modern world and not go to deal with a conscience “for fear of the Jews.”
Also expresses its concern and dismay regarding certain issues of contemporary Christian life, and their conformity to the Holy Scriptures and patristic teaching and want to express on the issues of its position:
1. Inadmissibility of the transfer of worship from the Church Slavonic language to modern.
2. Electronic identification cards, taxpayer identification number, the use of barcodes and RFID tags that threaten humanity electronic concentration camp, the loss of free will given to us by God.
3. Pernicious globalization for the sovereignty of the country as economically and politically, and spiritually.
4. Lack of control with the dominance of sects, sorcerers, satanists, with the preaching of “unconventional seksorientatsy.”
5. Unacceptable to participate in the priesthood of rock concerts as participants and advocates, in general, not about the admissibility of the participation of clergy in activities that are contrary to Christian morals.
6. Necessary restrictions in the spheres of business activities of the Church and its individual members. This activity should not conflict with Christian values and should be based on the principles of necessity and sufficiency in church life.
Your Holiness!
Please urge all Orthodox Bishops remain faithful to Orthodoxy and to prevent changes in our faith. Let us remember the words gone into eternity Patriarch Pimen: “If anything is on the 8th ecumenical council anticipated that any dissenting from the preceding Seven Ecumenical Councils, we have the right NOT ACCEPT THIS.”
Save me, O Lord!
Slaves of God:
Alexander (Saveliev) Ramenskoe Moscow region.
Vitaly (Solonin) Moscow
Vladislav (Egorov), Ufa, Bashkortostan
Vladimir (Lugovskoi), Moscow
Dionysius (beetroot soup)
Dmitry (Nikonov) g.Chapaevsk Samara reg.
Elena (Rykov) Moscow
Constantine (Zharoid) Kiev Ukraine
Dmitry (Bielecki), Moscow

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