HOCNA enters into Communion with Gregory Lourie?

Internet Reports, blogs, private and open letters of the past two weeks indicate that HOCNA has entered into an informal communion with “Bishop” Gregory Lourie, the leader of a heretical sect in Russia, who became well-known after running a suicide center where two people died. Lourie is well known as a proponent of the name-worshipping heresy (Imyaslavie), a late 19th century heresy which was condemned shortly before the revolution dismantled the Russian Church’s organization. After being removed by the ROAC in 2005, Lourie was then “consecrated” a Bishop by two deposed Bishops of the ROAC.
Rumors began to circulate after Lourie’s visit to Holy Transfiguration Monastery, during which Lourie communed and blessed a dying monk at the monastery. Photos began to appear on Lourie’s blog of his visit and reports.
A letter from an influential priest at the monastery demanding a deeper investigation of Lourie’s beliefs surfaced privately and have been made available to NFTU, as well as an open response from a cleric in Georgia. To date the Synod of the HOCNA seems to have refused to respond to the requests.
After the departure of two Bishops from the HOCNA to join the TOC of Greece under Archbishop Kallinikos, the news of this attempted union could further erode the credibility of HOCNA in the True Orthodox world. NFTU reported on the removal of Lourie from his post in the ROAC, as well as a recent attempt to protect him from a Russian government fraud investigation through a petition to the US government.