Russia: Ecumenism in the Heart of the Urals

(Source: Portal-Credo) The first Perm regional prayer breakfast was held on 9 November in the “Ural” hotel in Perm. As the Organizing Committee of the First Perm Regional Prayer Breakfast told, the initiator was the Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches. The prayer breakfast was the presentation and first public initiative of the council, which was created a year ago by a number of leaders of protestant confessions of Perm territory.

More than 50 persons gathered for the breakfast, among whom were religious leaders of various confessions and denominations, representatives of agencies of government of Perm territory, scholars, and reporters. Among those who were praying were clerics of RPTsMP, the Jewish community, a Catholic parish, and protestant pastors.

The head of the administration of the governor of Perm territory, F.Z. Aliev, delivered words of welcome to the breakfast participants; he called the participants in the event to give special attention to helping the young generation to adapt to contemporary conditions, in order “to train youth in a spirit of combating manifestations of ethnic and religious intolerance.”

The senior presybyter of the Evangelical Christians-Baptist church, R.B. Vecherkovskii, expressed confidence that cooperation among all persons of good will can help in resolving a multitude of problems afflicting modern society.

Guests from Moscow also participated in the first Perm regional prayer breakfast. The chairman of the “National Morning Prayer” foundation, V.K. Vlasenko, noted that the tradition of holding prayer breakfasts has been growing in Russia in the past 11 years. (tr. by PDS, posted 17 November 2011)