CONFIRMED: New Split within HOCNA- Canada

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June 1, 2011
Ordination at St Nicholas Convent
June 2, 2011

CONFIRMED: New Split within HOCNA- Canada

UPDATED (6/2 NS 10:42 PM) This has now been officially confirmed in a statement.

According to information given to NFTU: “Five (5) ex-HOCNA parishes in Toronto are joining the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece without their bishop. That is the HOCNA Metropolis of Toronto doesn’t exist anymore.”

If this information is confirmed, this would mean that HOCNA has largely been reduced to a slightly larger Metropolis of Boston.

While we admit the above is within the realm of possibility, we have received no such confirmation from any official channels within either the TOC-Kallinikos nor HOCNA. We will follow this up with more information as we receive it.


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