Crimea Proves Difficult to Digest

MP Parishes Joining Kievan Patriarchate
August 16, 2014
US Propaganda Accidentally Exposes Nazi Crimes in Ukraine
August 16, 2014

Crimea Proves Difficult to Digest

August 16, 2014 (Source:

(Originally reported on Aug. 14)

Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula in February sparked a conflict between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists that has drawn in the international community. However, while international focus has shifted away from Crimea and toward the ongoing fighting along Ukraine’s border, Russia still faces challenges in integrating Crimea. Donald N. Jensen, resident fellow of the Center for Transatlantic Relations, discusses how Russia has confronted these challenges and the possible consequences of its responses.

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  1. Doom Sternz says:

    US in Ukraine has declared war on Russia, they funded neo Nazi’s in Kiev to overthrow a freely elected government and then went about blaming Russia for the destabilisation. As we know from past experience, Washington will pursue its strategy relentlessly while shrugging off public opinion, international law or the condemnation of adversaries and allies alike.

    The pattern, of course, is unmistakable. It begins with sanctimonious finger-wagging, economic sanctions and incendiary rhetoric, and quickly escalates into stealth bombings, drone attacks, unlawful detention and torture, massive destruction of civilian infrastructure, millions of fleeing refugees, decimated towns and cities, death squads, wholesale human carnage, vast environmental devastation, and the steady slide into failed state anarchy; all of which is accompanied by the repetition of state propaganda spewed from every corporate bullhorn (CNN) in the western media.

    After all isnt this how it happened in Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Syria etc etc etc

  2. Ernest says:

    This vulgar tripe is simply an anti-Russian hit piece geared towards those too lazy to look up facts. I won’t go line by line as it appears that practically every issue has been distorted, misrepresented, or outright non-factual. Take a look at Crimean real estate prices online and see if they look like a bargain to you. Prices have actually risen sharply in some areas.
    Instead of reading “government in Kiev and Russian backed separatists”, it should read “Western backed coup installed government in Kiev and the resistance who oppose the illegitimate government”.

    • HmkEnoch says:


      You may be right. But, it’s one of those things that’s used a lot. I wanted to try to post both sides of this question (or more than both sides, since there can be even three or four). I have problems with the Institute for Modern Russia, chiefly because Mikhail Khodorkovsky is buddy buddy with Henry Kissinger (who I think actually sits on the board of IMR), and other big wig Western elite who share the globalist type agenda. Let’s not forget that Khodorkovsky himself was a Communist party member and leader, and used his connections to gain his massive fortune; he was one of the much vaunted oligarchs in the 1990s and early 2000s; so, the fact that he was eventually kicked out by Putin, and Khodorkovsky’s power restrained by another more powerful power-bloc in Russia is no doubt a motivating factor in his antagonism to Putin.

      However, it is true, from what I have read, that, the Russian Federation will have to substantially subsidize the Crimean Autonomous Republic (20 billion or more), because they can’t rely on Ukraine anymore for power generation and other important resources. It ultimately would have been a better deal if Russia could have perhaps come to a better arrangement with Kiev; but, it seems that such would have required either the old Kiev government (which was essentially overthrown; the Ukrainian jeweler I know, whose family still lives in Donetsk, Crimea, Kiev, etc, was just adamant the other day about how ridiculous it was for the US Deputy Secretary of State to have had anything to do with the Kiev protests), or at least one what wanted to pursue a neutral third policy.

      • Doom Sternz says:

        Try posting any truth into the US media Bullhorns and you get banned. None of the US mainstream media will allow any other narrative than what the US administration is ramming down peoples throats.

        The cause of “deep political crisis” in Ukraine actually began with interference by Western countries. Victoria Nuland admitted the US administration spent $5 billion to force a regime change in Ukraine. The radical ultra-nationalist neo Nazi’s have become a tool in the implementation of the anti-constitutional coup.

        It is time for the US administration to start telling the truth. US government has become a tyranny. We have met the enemy and it is US

    • Doom Sternz says:

      Evidence is now pointing to flight MH17 being shot down by Kiev SU-25’s fighter jets. Why is the US administration not telling the truth. They have already applied sanctions based on little more than a narrative made up by the CIA based out of Kiev.

      This is the real Ukraine that the media is suppressing…..

      Some political associations are banned in Kiev, for example you are arrested if you belong to the socialist group Barotba, they stood up to the fascists in Kiev but have now gone underground. A few of their leaders however have been assassinated.

      All communist, Socialist and Marxist parties have been run out of the Rada, it is not the full Rada in Kiev. It is a Rada run by neo Nazi organisations and funded and supported by the US administration.

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