RosOC: Interview with Met. Damascene

Interview of the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Damascene (Balabanov) edition of the Synodal portal “Confessor”

 June 15, 2012


Your Eminence! From the date of your last interview with “Confessor” was almost exactly four months. During this time, we in the editorial mail, has accumulated a lot of questions and the political nature of the general church. But before you go to them, I want to ask – whether the change in the four months is something fundamentally in the Church, country and world?
And these changes are associated with a change in the tactics of the world behind the scenes. And in recent years (even decades) to build or tactical schemes did not differ political flexibility inherent in earlier – caution and imaginary principles. Now they metamorphize aside – stiffness, the apparent half-open and obvious bezprintsipnosti, simply put – bezchelovechnosti. Detailed analysis of the causes of tactical changes (tightening) of the world behind the scenes – there is no desire, no free time. I can only say one thing, that they are connected with the approach of the arrival time of the Antichrist and the strengthening of world apostasiynyh processes.
In your question you have just identified three themes. With God’s help, will try to answer them in order.
The Russian Orthodox Church – The local Russian Orthodox Church – the Bride of Christ. In his prayer life It is not a step deviated from the Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition. God’s silence does not betray. He lives according to His commandments, following the Orthodox Holy Canons and teachings of the Holy Fathers of the Church.
Seductions and temptations in this world lacks. The devil is cunning and crafty. And particularly, he is cunning and crafty in respect of the faithful of the Church of Christ. So it was, so there is and always will until the end of this age. But who may abide its demonic machinations to the end of his stomach will be with God and the Orthodox, he may be saved. At all times there was an element of negativity from the evil one. Present both inside the church fence, and beyond. Nowadays it is only more obvious and his “work” has gained visible and noticeable form.
Our history has suffered a prayer of confession, and then blood. At any time you can read in the pages of the portal. The legitimacy of the Freemasons-jew power we do not recognize in February 1917. In any election (and other government undertakings and actions) are not involved. We pray with hope in God, trusting in the enlightenment of Russian people and the coming of the Orthodox Emperor. Therefore, a Jewish-occupation authorities to their “attention” we can not do. In 2007 their special service “removed” me from Moscow. Two years later, denounced the concept RosPTs. In the confession of the Orthodox monarchy, a historical church and the truth, anafematstvovanie Sergianism and ecumenism, called it “extremist.” And already this year (May), the prosecutor for the city of Kirov, and for the same reasons, was convicted and Synodal Portal – “Confessor.” As we see, “attention” to the Masonic authorities of the Russian Orthodox Church is on the rise, increasing the line. And all this against the background of attempts to introduce the world of agents behind the scenes. Implementation, both the Russian and with prohibitive side. In the Church of Christ, there can be a counter-intelligence and secret police. Only through God’s Church is struggling to cope successfully with them. And our Ecumenical decision – evidence of this.
As for the new “wave” of mundane domestic issues, they are a product of the world behind the scenes and is closely linked to “break” in the Russian Federation changed its tactical scheme. Kahal too peaceful, measured life in servitude seems in Russia. For him, it did is unacceptable. For the world behind the scenes, the worse in Russia, the better. That and trying to destabilize Russia’s leaky boat and bring his devilish case to a bloody civil war. People often ask me how I feel about the statements made by “swamp the opposition?” Definitely all the answer. Negative attitude. Because, as I clearly see that some Jews are at the helm, reveling in blood and tears of people, Jews and others for this helm, and with a strong desire for desire. Russian as they (and those with them) – instead of a comfortable layer, cattle, and crying time in the foreseeable future – instead of a rifle and cannon meat. Deceived and angry people – millions. There is where the bloody spree for future harvest. I am not exaggerating. For so often happened in Russian history. So, what – is nothing new.
From the same “Swamp Opera” wildly exaggerated in the media and pandemonium in the famous temple of the capital of the Moscow Patriarchate. Journalistic (condominiums and time) “assaults” on the “patriarch” of Cyril Gundyaeva.
And so on, etc., etc. …
Defile the temple of the MP, it would seem, then, and nowhere else. However, the same were continued. What a sad, Yid symbolism of Sodom orgy in it, and the clergy with drinking bezprobudnye cronies to the top of the MP, the category does not include desecration. But the new performance mock reacted. Why is it so? Yes, because it affected the Jews, being at the helm. That is, very touched, and the Moscow Patriarchate, by analogy with the Communist Party – their inspirer and organizer. However, for patriarchy and “Nemtsov with Limonov” – not the enemy and not the last people. Still, rates have not been made on them.
You asked about the world.
On the eve of U.S. presidential elections in the world is observed, as would lull. However, it is illusory. And apparently, before the storm. To this day, do not stop the war in Libya and Syria. Tensions in Lebanon and Palestine. War with Iran is not only a long delayed. There is bezpokoyny Egypt, Afghanistan, similar to countries in Africa and Latin America. Unrest in the former Soviet republics. The world is still ruled by a shadow government and “his majesty” dollar. The economy, the regional and world politics under their tough, persistent and vigilant supervision. Almost everywhere, corruption is rampant, open or covered with lawlessness. The media have successfully implanted a cult of the golden calf, litsedeyskoy glory, debauchery and violence. Not far off is a universal human chipizatsiya and addictive for the coming arrival of the Antichrist. Lzhetserkvi in ​​holy places bezsovestno lie and grow fat on the human grief. So in Russia. It’s the same everywhere. Almost everywhere irreligion and darkness reign desolation.
Picture of a sad, but expected to Orthodox Christians. “So when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place – let the reader understand – then be in Judaea flee into the mountains and who is on the housetop not come down to take that – something out of his house; and who is on the field, let him not return back to take his clothes. But woe and nourishing breasts in those days! Pray that your flight be not in winter or on a Saturday, for then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world until now, and never will. And if those days were shortened, it should be saved no flesh, but for the elect those days will be reduced. Then if anyone says to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there – do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets and shall shew great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Here, I have told you “(Matt. 24. 15:25).
And God forbid we do not forget the words of our Lord Jesus, uttered in the Temple of Jerusalem, do not forget and do not lose!
At the end of May this year in the pages of an e-print appeared appeal of one of the bishops ROAC, which, in particular, spoke of wrongs the Russian authorities, persecution ROAC, expressed hope for sympathy and support of the public, and the call for the unification of “fragments” of the ROCOR. What can you say about this?
I read this message. And then thought, what would people help? The appeal said a lot of truth. Indeed, this close to us, and understandable. Calls to the union happened to hear before. Well-wishers in the world lack. But perhaps the first time they heard from the lips of such a responsible person. I say this in all sincerity and with all sincerity, in spite of his not liking to the ROAC and her contempt for the organizers.
I believe that no one is against joining the Church. On the conditions we have not once or twice told, and even writing. It is important to clarify and understand what is necessary to unite in the truth, and not a lie. And the fact that people understand the truth in different ways, there it is our fault. Speaking specifically about the current situation ROAC, the truth of it lies on the surface. ROAC has performed its role, and now the authorities are not required. Hence, persecution and lawlessness. There is a complete monopoly on the installation of the Moscow Patriarchate. Officials with all the fervor of her performing. Do not be an acronym ROAC adjective words – “Orthodox” – it would be no one touched. How not to touch the sect of Baptists, Adventists, Pentecostals and others, and other misguided people. Updated selected temples. And take away the relics of saints. I understand that this is a very sad and painful. But not in the temples and relics of salvation. History seemed to return back. And it comes like the first Christian centuries.
In the circulation significantly longer desperate call for attention, than the desire to join. If ROAC really had such desires, it would not make sense of it so loud scream. Just one phone call, Primate, or his authorized representative. And the first call does not have to go about joining, it is enough to talk about intentions, no arrangements of dots on i.
At the May Council of Bishops RosPTs several priests of the Romanian Diocese has been deprived of dignity and sent under the ban. Why is that?
This is due to a betrayal, a departure from God and the Church. Taking a large group of priests RosPTs from Romania, and we were hoping to rely on their conscience, Orthodox, Christian purity and decency. And at first they seemed to like that. But after their behavior and actions were far from our aspirations and hopes. Political ambitions have precedence over obedience, and personal immorality and conduct unbecoming a priest superior to the norms of Christian morality. While it was possible to endure, we endure. When it reached us information about their targeted, subversive and incriminating acts, and even under the patronage of the Romanian secret services, then followed by our decisions. By the way, from RosPTs, some of them, now moved to the Archbishop. Victor (Pivovarov).
I’ll tell you more. Having received such a negative experience (and not only from a single Romania) bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church has raised the requirements for admission of priests from abroad and in Russia. We have carefully considered candidates for ordination, broader look at their surroundings, deeper study of ecclesiastical jurisdiction from which they come to us. So that too much negative experience teaches.
A € Capacity is now applying to the Synod for admission?
There is. More recently, with a request for admission to our two bishops, and asked a priest. They are from different countries and from various “orthodox” churches. Some of them agree on pererukopolozhenie someone does not agree. However, we define the conditions for admission, but not them. And these conditions are well known to them. Given the previous one, not the fact that some of them will be received into the Church of Christ and become a priest or bishop.
In Russia, many Jews will no longer hide his ethnicity. As before, most of them are working in business, medicine, culture and sports. Found among the “Russian” Jews and people of Orthodox religion. Anyway, so they declare themselves, and even receive the priesthood. How do you feel about Orthodox Jews and Jews who have accepted the priesthood?
“But now ye also put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth does not lie to one another, put off the old self with its practices and put on the new, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator, where there is no Gentile, neither Jew nor circumcision, nor uncircumcision, barbarian, Scythian, slave and free, but all in all Christ “(Col. 3. 8:11). These are the words of Paul Apostles.   I know that some people accuse me of recalcitrant in “zhidoboystve” or, in a soft case, the tolerance for this nation. But if I go against the Apostle Paul? No. I can not. Therefore, if the church moves us baptized “Russian” Jew, I assure you, Christian love, he gets away from us no less than people of any other nation. Another thing is that the baptized Jews to us are not very willingly.
But it’s not just our problem.
Speaking broadly, (even though the degree of force or needs), I would advise not only baptized Jews would recommend – completely and as soon as possible to determine the historical homeland. In my opinion, double and even triple citizenship in his bosom – not too sensitive and promotes the development of a dedicated patriotiki, and certainly does not inspire much confidence Aborigines. Can not be, really, the Orthodox “Russian” Jew and at the same time, every time, with lust and awe looking at the “Wailing Wall”, giving himself the “legs” of the notorious and controversial call of the blood.
Due to many known and unknown, to the events of “Russian” Jewish priests negative attitude. Layman to escape easier and easier. And if the layman does not want to be saved, what are you then a Christian?
Do you live in the countryside for many miles from Moscow. Does not interfere with the distance, Russian roads, and wilderness to serve God and people?
On the contrary, help. With modern communications and transportation – distance – not a hindrance. Distance is from the hustle and bustle of this world has a beneficial effect on the ministry, spiritual and bodily health. There is a time and work and think and pray. None of the idle, or possessed people do not interfere. We often come to the pilgrims. Yes, and I’m not one place. With archpastoral trip recently in the Kursk and Belgorod region. God willing, will be visiting other places. Machines, on poverty, I do not know for the most part move around in public transport. With people it is, somehow, more familiar and easier. Although it is not always the lowest comfortable. There are people drunk and sober language.
After the condemnation of the Synod portal “Confessor” in the city of Kirov, we were visited by representatives of local administration. I live here now in its fifth year. And almost all of us know. But they questioned my kelejnitsy as if seeing for the first time. Before we came to the precinct with the issues, operational staff, the Interior Ministry, called several times, even from the depths of the FSB – well-known and dreadful – the KGB. On orders over officials try to keep our finger on the “pulse”. Anyway, they both want, or can be, I think. Some of them did not forget about God. Not all people Masons bureaucratic power-Yid – Thou manna from heaven.
This is good, but not too much.
Many of our readers interested in the administrative changes in the Moscow Patriarchate. With what are they related?
The formation of metropolitan and an increase in the number of dioceses in the Moscow Patriarchate, primarily due to the desire of policymakers to guardianship MP denser flock, and the local powers that be. Administrative fine-meshed network will allow them to easily capture still free sinful souls – is on the one hand, and on the other, just as importantly – will increase the inflow of money and material resources into the bottomless pockets of the dioceses, and from them – in the metropolitan and above – in the patriarchal control.
The formation of metropolitan and increase the number of dioceses may be strengthened and the vertical structure of the government of the MP. In addition, with a special selection of candidates – and sverhpredannyh sverhloyalnyh – in the “bishops”, almost without any effort and any attempts, and increased personal power, “the patriarch.” I think he knows it, and when convenient, it is modeled, the event – use it. I am mistaken or not – the case and the time will show.
But today, so I can clearly see their changes.
Petrov post – not the most faithful. In the courtyard of the summer. Many people work in the garden, in the country. Do you allow indulgence in eating and prayer? And what suggestions do you say goodbye to our readers?
Peter’s fast, really, is not the most rigorous of all orthodox positions. The labor office did not interfere. You can safely work, no matter where it was quietly and silently pray. So we settled on the Holy Fathers, and so it is necessary to enter. Breaks are allowed in the food due to illness, for nursing or pregnant women, in ways and at very heavy work. These concessions should take a blessing from the priest. And the blessing of the priest or bishop is not without sin to eat lean.
You also to all our readers want to rescue and good health for many, many summers. Acquire the Holy Spirit!
I’m sorry!
And to our God the glory!
+ Mitropolit Damaskin

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