Phanar Continues to Push ‘Green’ Agenda

Everyone knows the Phanar’s ‘Green’ agenda.  I won’t go into a lot of details about the history, but, in short, the Phanar believes the environment (or what they define as the ‘environment’) is the most important ‘social issue’ facing society today.  Yes, of course, the issue of abortion does not concern the Phanar as much as their obsession with the supposition of anthropogenic global warming (a view pushed by notorious communists, socialists, fascists, corporatists (including ‘Big Oil”) and about every other group of global ‘governance’/government bad guys you can think of).

So, it was no surprise when the Phanar held its recent gathering on “global responsibility and environmental sustainability”.  The event was held from June 18-20 at the Halki Theological Seminary.  There was much talk by the Phanar of ‘sacrifices’ people must make. And how the world must learn to live with these sacrifices, etc.  Of course, the sacrifices they mean would never apply to the fat cats of the World Orthodox Patriarchates, or their wealthy contributors, or the various corporate and governmental authorities who push this agenda of ‘climate change’ while ignoring real environmental and social problems.

But, it is interesting that this meeting seems to be close in approximate time and subject to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Rio+20 meeting of ‘world leaders’ who will discuss ‘climate change’ and other related subjects.   Either the Patriarch of Constantinople is either oblivious to the devious circumstances and policies of such meetings, or he himself is allied in this.  It would make sense, since population control and reduction has always been an important agenda of his allies; Bartholomew has always remained quiet on the subject of abortion, only speaking about it in terms that would go from neutral to positive.

The Phanar’s emphasis on ‘ascesis’ as being a missing element in discussion of the environment is not ‘totally’ out of place.  There is some truth to this; but, the truth is that ascetic living, and struggle, although it would contribute to solving many important issues, would not result in the supposed ‘reduction’ in global warming  (if indeed the warming is a result of a planetary cycle). Unless, of course, the Phanar is proposing that Divine Intervention will take place; this is a perfectly valid point, as the holy men and prophets of old could petition God for the change in the weather.

But, I should wonder, does the Phanar concern itself with real environmental issues that affect the ecology? Like the genetically modified organisms?  Or do they just favour aping the world and going after the latest craze of the the wealthy elite who play the game of being concerned ‘international citizens’? It would indeed be a feat of ‘ascesis’ of sorts if the average person, or even half of the population of western nations, had small garden plots with organic foods. Gardening can be hard and rewarding work (physical labour has a ‘redemptive’ value all its own). But, that would be contrary to the general trend and promotion of the ‘green’ agenda by such giants as Monsanto, after all, organ failure isn’t important.

The Phanar guests are undoubtedly concerned about the same subjects as the Phanar: Population control and playing God at a genetic level with nature (look up the guests in the link above). There is always a paper trail with the Phanar and its guests, and this trail is always one of ‘environmentalism’ masquerading as population control, which ultimately means Chinese style one-child policies. Apparently there are too many of us humans?

So, to Patriarch Bartholomew and his great obsession with pseudo-environmentalism, while he neglects Orthodoxy and its real moral implications, I say…. well, I just don’t know what to say anymore.


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