The Destruction of Syria’s Christian Treasures

October 10, 2014  (Source:

By Alfred S. Regnery

The Islamists continue a crusade to erase all traces of the religious beliefs of others

The Islamist extremist destruction of historical treasures in the Middle East is nothing less than a crime against civilization. News accounts do not do justice to the loss these barbarians cause as they work their way across Syria, destroying anything that doesn’t fit into the world as they see it.

In June 2001, just three months before Sept. 11, when Western perceptions of Islam and the Middle East were changed forever, I spent two weeks in Syria, visiting the very foundations of Western culture and civilization. Today, it is slowly being destroyed.

Bashar Assad had just come to power, having been called in from practicing ophthalmology in London when his Stalinist father died, and to fill in for his older brother Bassel, the heir-apparent who had wrapped his Mercedes around a tree at 100 miles an hour in 1994. Poor Bashar appeared lost in his new role, and left control of the country to the bagmen and thugs who had run things for his father.

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