Shocking invitation to the Serbs to convert to Islam

7/4/2010: Bishop Vasilije of Zvornik and Tuzla asked of the Inter-Religious Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina to strongly condemn the recent invitation to the Serbs and the Orthodox clergy in Maglaj, in the B-H Federation, to convert to Islam. Such invitations, sent prior to the biggest Christian holiday of Easter, are shocking and represent the culmination of evil and threatening, said Bishop Vasilije. He pointed that the Serbian people and the Serbian Orthodox Church in the B-H Federation are constantly exposed to discomfort, pressure and provocations of Bosniaks.
Early last week, several Serb returnees and the Serbian Orthodox Church priest in Maglaj, Dalibor Djekic, received an invitation to attend a public debate about the conversion of Christians to Islam, which has caused great anxiety among the Serbian population in this municipality.