Esphigmenou Monks Finally Acquitted of Others’ Crime

We missed this one! This is one of those strange moments where you wonder if one’s head is about to explode from the nonsense. Apparently the Esphigmenou monks have finally been found innocent of crimes perpetrated against them. NFTU

The Third Court of Appeals in Thessaloniki, Greece announced their decision and found no evidence that the Esphigmenou Monks were guilty of the charge of disturbing the peace. The incident took place back in 2005. Some of the incident was video taped by the Esphigmenou Monks, and it clearly shows a violent attack perpetrated “on them” and “not by them”. The sinister attack on the monks of Esphigmenou with a sledgehammer made news around the world and video of it (see below) aired showing the shocking details. It was clearly an embarrassment for not only the Greek Government and Patriarch Bartholomew but also all those who opposed Esphigmenou. The over zealous prosecutor in Thessalonki, however, thought it a good idea to pursue charges. No charges shockingly enough were ever brought upon the sledgehammer wielding monks outside but only to the defenseless Esphigmenou monks held up behind the locked wooden door.