European and American Metropolias appear to send different messages

Update (3/6) The updated website for the Autonomous Metropolia has added the Clergy Confession. Update#2 (3/6) According to the official website, the Clergy Confession carries a non-binding status as of now, among clergy of good standing.


The official web site of the Holy Synod of Milan formally claims, through its office of External Relations, that it has entered into fraternal relations with the Moscow Patriarchate and that it rejects communion with any body referred to as “the Catacomb Church”.

This claim was made approximately a week after the elevation of the American Archdioceses to the status of an Autonomous Metropolia and annexing the territory of Latin America and the British Isles to same.

In response, a clergy confession approved by Metropolitan John for clergy entrants into the Metropolia has now surfaced on at least one website, appearing to be a modified version of the clergy confession used by American parishes directly under Archbishop Auxentios in the 1990’s (now HOCNA) with further clarifications on Sergianism and the agnostic position of the Metropolis on grace in official Orthodoxy– as well as a note from the author that the Metropolia will not enter into communion with the Moscow Patriarchate.