Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos- Updated

Updated: 9/5. Photos from Festal Celebrations in Piraeus (TOC-Kallinikos)

Updated: 9/2. Wrote “Birthgiver of Christ” (Christotokos) instead of “Birthgiver of God” (Theotokos). Sorry!
Photos from festal celebrations in Russia (TOC-R).

Eastern Orthodox Christians all over the world celebrate the feast of the Dormition (“falling-asleep”) of the Ever-Virgin Mary, the Birthgiver of God (Gk. Theotokos) today.

From August 14-28th (as reckoned according to New Style, which corresponds with August 1-15th Old Style), Orthodox abstained from meat, dairy products, and fish and restricted their eating depending on their local guidelines. Celebration of liturgy is usually followed by festal eating to mark the end of the fast.

The Feast of the Dormtion (August 28th New Style, also known as August 15 Old Style) commemorates Mary’s peaceful repose and her body taken up into heaven after her burial. It is considered one of the twelve holiest days of the Church year. We will update this page with festal images from around the world as they come.