Where did the Feeds Go? And Changes to Ad Policy and Usage

Due to some sort of error on Feedburner’s part, we seem to have lost all our RSS and other subscribers– if you subscribe through Feedburner or a service, please re-subscribe. It seems to be half-resolved (the feeds are working again) but still half-in-progress (the subscribed feeds are gone.)

It should be able to update.

We are also still in the midst of reviewing our ad policies, including a privacy policy, and more judicious use of our networks to make sure the ads are ads people want. We now review the ads on a rolling basis and remove ads from dating sites, tele-psychic sites, sites from new age and strange religious sites and controversial political sites, bearing in mind it is– in the United States at least– an election year. It is, in my feeling, a personally legitimate question to ask what  Politician X or Y plans to do with your money.

Thus, if you are a lonely new-ager who likes wasting hundreds of dollars on the psychic friends network to talk about your views on AIPAC, you may not find the ads to your liking– however, for the rest of us, I hope at the least the ads aren’t offensive, and that we’re doing our part to responsibly allow advertisers to reach our readers. We are always looking for feedback, however.

Don’t worry– I won’t keep asking. I just want to make sure we get it right.