ROCOR-V Synodal Decisions 18th / 31st October 2014

November 12, 2014  (Source:


Meeting of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

October 18 Articles / October 31, 2014

The meeting was held with the help of Internet connection according to the Council of Bishops which adopted in 2013 a decision on the possibility of holding meetings of the Synod remotely using modern means of communication (Protocol №2 of 17/30 September., Paragraph 6).

President: Archbishop Vladimir

Vice-President: Bishop Victor

Secretary: Bishop Ambrose

Temporary member of the Synod: Bishop Alexy

Participates in the meeting: Bishop Tikhon


Thus, the meeting of the Synod of Bishops occurs when the composition of the Synod.

Agenda of the meeting of the Synod

I. Discussion of the actions of Bishop Martin

II. Discussion on the publication against Valeria Rozhnova

III. Discussion on publications organization B.A.R.S.


The meeting opened at 9:10 am (Montreal time) with the prayer: “Heavenly King …”


About the actions of Bishop Martin Archbishop Vladimir said:

1. According to its notification of 27 February / March 12, 2014, Bishop Martin violated the decisions of the Council in 2013 and intervened in the affairs of the Diocese of Little Russia, arguing that doing so in accordance with the Decree of Patriarch Tikhon Svyateyshago for №362 from 1920

Of worship in the Crimea did not prevent, however, Bishop Martin had no grounds for its sole actions violating peace in the Church. Since Bishop Martin did not repent of their uncanonical actions and continues to insist on its right to invade the territory of another diocese, he falls under the prohibition of the relevant rules. In response to the exhortation of Bishop Alexis Bishop Martin was sent boorish response: “Crimea – not maidan, zhidobanderovschina South of Russia is not a decree.”

Prompt same Synod of accession to his diocese part of another diocese without the consent and blessing on the action ruling bishop (in this case – Alex Bishop) – no bishop has no moral or religious law.

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