Fr. Serge Televinov (ROCOR-A): Silence is Betrayal

November 13, 2014  (Source:

Originally reported on November 12

It was noticed long ago that the thinking of our compatriots living in contemporary Russia and abroad has been different for a long time. I have watched this “phenomenon” for long enough. Back in 2005,  when dealing with the now departed Archbishop Lazar (Zhurbenko), we discussed this issue.  Then I understood his desire to create a Church structure parallel to the Synod of ROCOR in Russia. The reason was simple–the difference of thinking, which sometimes lead to a complete misunderstanding of each others brothers.

In the times of the Fathers of the ROCOR (Archbishop Averky, St. Philaret, etc..) this problem was obviously offset by the Spirit of the Fathers, their intact Russianness that at the moment we have lost, probably forever. There is evidence of discord in our Church, and interestingly, from the very top-the First Hierarch, to the laity.  This feeling is lost–there is no place to go, but we must somehow continue to live, serve, and somehow nurture the flock.

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