Confirmed: Bp Demetrius Has Resigned From HOCNA…. More

News continues to come in from different sources and individuals close to the HOCNA situation. More of our sources have confirmed that Bishop Demetrius confirmed to his flock in a short note dated 9/13 (NS) that he has resigned from the Synod of the HOCNA.

In what could be an even more surprising twist to the story as it continues to develop, we have received word that Bishop Demetrius is now in Greece, but so is Metropolitan Moses– meaning a transfer to the HOTCA could well be facilitated by the latter, explaining the appearance of the arguments against name-worshipping on the Portland website.

— Continued —

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— Continued —

We will keep you updated as more happens. We are trying to confirm exactly is Bishop Gregory. We are receiving different versions of the story in this case; in one case, he is in Massachusetts– in another, he is now in Greece. This leads us to the obvious question as to why. Is he trying to supplicate on HOCNA’s behalf– or is he also about the leave HOCNA? And even more importantly, if Bishop Gregory is in Greece to be received, this will then mean that former HOCNA Bishops in America will outnumber the two original HOTCA Bishops.