CHAOS IN HOCNA: HTM Split into Factions; Fr Panteleimon Resigns

We have received anonymous information about the situation in HOCNA as well as a series of documents, which we are placing online.

Our source alleges that Bishop Demetrius resigned from the Synod this week, and has been at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery. According to our source, the majority of the monks supported the eviction of Metropolitan Ephraim and Bishop Gregory from the Monastery and both are living at the Synod house.

Meanwhile the original letter that was listed on Portal-Credo and reproduced here by Fr Jacob Wojcik is in fact a draft of a clergy protest with the names of three priests and two deacons on it: Protopresbyter Christos Constantinou, Fr. George Liadis, Fr. George Kamberidis, Protodeacon Demetrius Houlares and Deacon Jacob Wojcik. The documents given to NFTU reveal a response to the clergy involved, as well as a formal resignation of Fr Panteleimon from the priesthood.

Meanwhile, Fr Isaac, the Abbot, is pushing for the monks involved in the split to leave HTM. Our source noted that your editor’s original assertion is incorrect that this was based primarily upon name-worshipping (we are updating that article as well; our assertion came from the title on the Portal-Credo copy). Imyaslavie is, according to the clergy argument, only the tip of the iceberg: we note that the actual text of the clergy letter states: “we have reached this point of being on the brink of espousing a false teaching as the inevitable spiritual result of Metropolitan Ephraim’s seriously flawed governance of both the Metropolis of Boston and the Holy Synod. Specifically, His Eminence Ephraim has been centrally involved in three major divisions in our Church in the last 6 years: the Seattle upheaval; the departure of clergy and parishes in Portland and Toronto; and the present imposition of the Name-worshipping heresy. More so, he has presided over a scandalous cover up of Fr. Panteleimon that has given rise to serious doubts about the very integrity of both our confession of Faith and our canonicity and the underlying motivation of our separation from the Russian Church Abroad.”

This is apparently a build-up that has been simmering for years, and is now bubbling to the surface.

We are also placing online documents we have received from the Synod meeting of September 11 that has led to this. It will be noticed that Bp Demetrius’ signature is absent from them.

First, a response to the clergy that filed the original statement:

Second, a statement formally stating that Gregory (Lourie) is not communion with HOCNA:

Third, a statement formally accepting Fr Panteleimon’s resignation from priestly functions:

Fourth, an endorsement of Patriarch Tikhon’s 1913 encyclical: