NFTU Radio is on Tonight! 11:30 PM EST

CHAOS IN HOCNA: HTM Split into Factions; Fr Panteleimon Resigns
September 15, 2012
HOCNA: Bp Demetrius’ Statement
September 16, 2012

NFTU Radio is on Tonight! 11:30 PM EST

Tonight, God willing, on NFTU Radio, we’ll discuss the week in review, likely with an emphasis on the recent events in HOCNA, with Hieromonk Enoch and Dcn Joseph Suaiden.

Call-ins, as always, are welcome at (347) 838-8653.


  1. […] week’s NFTU broadcast was one of the top ten highest rated broadcasts in NFTU Radio’s history. But schedules being as they are, we don’t have a follow-up till next […]

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