Former Archbishop Gregory Admits Fr Komnenos Lied to Bishop, Offered “Prostitute” Money

(NFTU: Buena Vista. 06.08.05 ) Former Archbishop Gregory of Denver has admitted that one of the former Greek Old Calendar priests he illegally received into his sect tried to offer money to a prostitute, who turned out to be an undercover police officer, as well as decieving his Bishop as to his motivations for retirement. The former Archbishop claims this was a misunderstanding due to Fr Komnenos’ poor English, although it is clear from the message that the “prostitute”, an undercover police officer, was in fact, Greek.

Giving details on the Paradosis email forum, he attempted to explain that Fr Komnenos Hatzileris (though the new messages from Dormition Skete say “Koumianos”) stopped his car in Clearwater, FL, for a prostitute. He then implored her to enter his car, and offered her money, leading to his arrest.

The email reads that “Father Koumianos, who is a married man with several children and grandchildren, was driving home one afternoon in Clearwater, Florida. He stopped at a traffic light and saw a woman who looked Greek to him standing on the corner playing the harlot and, being a good hearted Christian pastor, he felt compassion for her and told her to come into his car, thinking to help her by bringing her to the church and his adjacent home where he and his presbytera could talk to her and feed her. She was Greek, and he asked her: what are you doing, why are you doing this, endeavoring to help her stop selling herself. Father Koumianos, whose Greek is better than his English, heard her say that she needs money and he agreed to give her money, if she would come to the church. When he agreed to give her money, she arrested him because she was an undercover policewoman.”

In another message, a Skete follower admitted that Fr Komnenos lied to Metr Pavlos of Astoria as to the reasons for retiring himself, giving the “real reasons” after his schism from the Old Calendar Synod of Archbishop Chrysostom (Kiousis), which suspended Fr Komnenos after the Clearwater affair.