Fr. Panagiotes Carras: HOCNA’s Point of No Return

September 08, 2015


Once again we are forced to comment on the tragic evolution of HOCNA’s heresy as it moves its followers further away from the Faith. On July 31/ August 13, 2015, the website of HOCNA’s Metropolis of Boston website announced the retirement of Metropolitan Ephraim and his replacement by Metropolitan Gregory.

It was not a coincidence that priestmonk Gregory was made a bishop on May 3, 2012 shortly after HTM publicly espoused the heresy of “Name-Worship”. Gregory had been and still is the main HOCNA proponent of this heresy. A few months after he was made bishop he set up his own website, dedicated to Name-Worship. He continues to use this site to develop and propagate this heresy.

The latest article on this site, Against the Error of Nominalism, continues the expansion of the heresy of uncreated names. This article was written by Vladimir Ern in 1918 and openly teaches the Platonic doctrine of uncreated names. This teaching which is also found in Gnostic, Cabalistic, Talmudic and Magic teachings, has been anathematized many times.

Vladimir Ern was a personal friend of religious/philosophic thinkers such as the condemned heretic Sergei Bulgakov who espoused the heresy of the Divine Sophia. Ern was a Russian philosopher who together with his associates founded the Religious-Philosophical Society of Moscow. Ern’s guiding philosophical light was Platonism. In fact in the above mentioned article, Ern on page 22, refers to Platonic philosophy in the folowing terms: A wonderworking icon can be called, for instance, the philosophy of Plato, in which is a direct reflection of divine power and a certain outpouring of gifts from above. This is what HOCNA’S latest authority teaches.

This article is preceded by a talk given at the annual HOCNA Clergy Synaxis in October, 2014. The talk entitled, Human Language and Divine Revelation: On the Theological Nominalism of Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) and Fr. John Romanides, was given by HTM hierodeacon Samuel Nedelsky. The heresy of uncreated names was also advocated in this talk.

Hierodeacon Samuel Nedelsky, aka Sergey Nedelsky, was ordained deacon on February 4, 2006 by the notorious Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany (ROCOR). Archbishop Mark played a significant role in the subjection of ROCOR to the Moscow Patriarchate. In mid-October, 2005, at the invitation of the Moscow Patriarchate, he traveled to Moscow to take part in talks to develop a relationship between the Jordanville Seminary and the Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary. Nedelsky’s fondness of the Moscow Patriarchate was never hidden. At the Boston Synaxis he quoted (Page 5 – 6) Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev), who is an advocate of salvation after death and Name-Worship as well as Moscow’s “apostle of Ecumenism”. Nedelsky considers Archbishop Hilarion a contemporary authority.

In the above articles, HOCNA’s new authorities on the Faith attack Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky of blessed memory, who was one of the most compelling opponents of the heresy of Name-Worship. In order to understand HOCNA’s current beliefs we should compare the above articles with a resolution issued in August 23 / September 5, 2002, by the then Sacred Synod of the True Orthodox Church of Greece,headed by Metropolitan Makarios of Toronto, locum tenens, later known as HOCNA. In this resolution, Gregory Lourie was criticized for attacking Metropolitan Anthony, now Metropolitan Anthony is attacked and Lourie’s teachings are upheld. Today’s HOCNA has reached the point of no return because it has abandoned the Faith of the Sacred Synod of the True Orthodox Church of Greece and has embarked upon the path of heresy.

Fr. Panagiotes