FSB Church in France Controversy Winding Up- And That Building is Creepy

With the “water effect on the domes” it looks like the proposed FSB Church in France is sinking into the sea! Here at NFTU we simply note the irony.

(SourceFrench President Francois Hollande has just weeks to decide on a controversial plan to build a massive Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Center in downtown Paris on the banks of the Seine River, on a UNESCO-protected world heritage site.

The project is staunchly opposed by Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe, who has described the architecture as “pastiche” and “mediocre.” But Moscow is reportedly putting diplomatic pressure on Hollande to approve the project and allow construction of the golden-domed, white limestone and glass structure to proceed.

In 2011, the online real-estate television station La Chaine Immo announced plans for the cathedral with enthusiasm, describing the building as a “happy marriage between tradition and modernity.”

According to the report, architect Manuel Nunez Yanowsky’s design comprises “two buildings dominated by five bulbs, one of which will be 27-meters high. An immense glass veil will serve as a roof and a 3,400-square-meter garden will be open to the public.”