GOC-K Celebration of Synaxis of St. Michael and Bodiless Powers in Corinth

November 24, 2014 (Source: http://www.ecclesiagoc.gr/)

On this past November 8 / 21, in Corinth, a celebration of the Feast of the Synaxis of St. Michael and the Bodiless Powers was celebrated in the GOC-K monastery in Corinth so named.  Leading the celebration was the GOC-K Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Kallinikos. Also present was the Metropolitan Gerontios II of Piraeus and Salamis.  Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Attica and Boeotia, as well as Bishop Gregory of Christianopolis were present. Sixteen priests and four deacons were also present, as well as two Bishops from the Romanian True Orthodox Church.

After Divine Liturgy, a procession was held around the Catholicon of the Monastery, which was followed by a festal banquet.

For more information and for additional photographs of the celebration and events, go here for the original Greek.  For a (somewhat awkward) google translate version go here.

For more information concerning the  Synaxis feast in honour of St. Michael and the other Bodiless powers, go here for a description by St. Dmitry of Rostov.