GOC-K Synodal Celebration of Theophany

January 20, 2014  (Source: http://imab.gr]

[warning machine translation]

With emotion and devotion there was celebrated the Synodal celebration of Holy Theophany at the main port of the country in Piraeus, amidst the presence of thousands of faithful. The Divine Liturgy was celebrated in all the churches of the four neighboring Metropolises of the Archdiocese, in Piraeus, Attica, and Oropos.

All bishops, priests, monks, nuns, catechists, catechumens, and faithful arrived at the Church of St. Pillip Kaminia in Piraeus, where after the Divine Liturgy followed the Great Blessing was begun by the Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod of Bishops, Kyr. Photios of Marathon as well as other bishops.

Start the majestic procession started after 10.30 predominantly united our hierarchy Archbishop of GOC Athens and All Greece, n. Kallinikon, peristoichoumeno by Reverend And Grace saint high priest, the relevant hierarchy Piraeus and Salamis, Mr. Gerontios, our shepherd, Attica and Boeotia Mr. John Chrysostom, the Toronto Mr. Moses, Mr. America. Dimitrios OROPOU him and race n. Cyprian, the Christianoupoleos Mr. Gregory, Marathon Mr. Fotios, Philip n. Ambrose, Methoni Mr. Ambrose, the amusement Mr. Silvanus, the Gardikiou Mr. Clement, the photic Mr. Auxentios in Soutsavas Mr. Sophronius, the Mr. Galati. Dionysius and Botsaniou Mr. Joseph.