Two Greek New Calendar Bishops Attack Vatican Heresies

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April 16, 2014
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Two Greek New Calendar Bishops Attack Vatican Heresies

On April 10th, 2014, two Greek State Church Metropolitans, Seraphim of Piraeus and Andreas of Dryinoupolis, issued a lengthy 89 page letter addressed to Pope Francis. The pdf of the letter can be found at this link. has also reported on the letter. Met. Seraphim of Piraeus, who was originally consecrated a bishop in the Ecumenical Patriarchate, eventually was installed as the Metropolitan of Piraeus in the State New Calendar Church of Greece (which embraces the ecumenical movement, ironically, and has recently called for a re-launch of ecumenism with Pope Francis!).  The issue of Met. Seraphim’s anti-ecumenical campaign was covered about 2 years ago on this site.

Met. Seraphim, in the letter, seems to be possessed of a great admiration for his fellow New Calendarist (and avid proponent of the ecumenical movement), Fr. John Romanides. Fr. John Romanides, as we know, was controversial with many Orthodox. Interestingly, Met. Seraphim seems to launch a somewhat modernist tinged usage of historical criticism in an attack on the idea that Sts. Peter and Paul were ever martyred at Rome (despite all the earliest testimonies by Fathers, ecclesiastical writers, traditions, etc, affirming this).


  1. Marlon Scott says:

    I was shocked at the denial of St. Peter being in Rome as well.

  2. NA says:

    I am not too impressed with this document, despite its supposed aims. The amount of lurid details is shocking and did not need to be included. They should have used the Patriarchal Encyclical of 1848 as their model. Eloquent and straight to the point, it includes no moral misdeeds nor any salacious rumors, dealing on with the heresies of the west:

  3. Bob Ray PIlgrim says:

    I have heard the claim often that Fr. John Romanides was an ecumenist. However, the bits of his work I have heard quoted by parish priests or in the occasional article seems to suggest he is very anti-Roman Catholic, not someone I would accuse of fostering false unions with the Pope.

    • Dcn Joseph Suaiden says:

      Romanides was an “Eastern-flavored” ecumenist; he had a great deal to say negatively about the West, but was uncharacteristically glowing towards Monophysitism and even to a small degree Islam.

      • Bob Ray PIlgrim says:

        Interesting how he could see with relative clarity the errors of the West, but was unable to do the same vis a vis the Eastern heterodox.

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