Imposter “Esphigmenou” Group Starts a Blog

Recently posted to the Paradosis Yahoo Group. Apparently the “new Esphigmenou fathers” are planning a new attack by on Esphigmenou. NFTU

The deceitful article below from the usurper, Archimandrite Chrysostomos, is a shame. He calls Archimandrite Methodios and his Synodia “a group of men.” He does not even recognize these valiant defenders of the Faith as monks! Archimandrite Chrysostomos is no more than a thug of the new Bekkos – Patriarch Bartholomew. The ecumenists have not even shrunk from being responsible for the deaths of confessing Monks, just as the evil John Bekkos was responsible for the Holy Martyrdom of the Twenty-six Holy Martyrs of Zographou Monastery and others on the Holy Mountain who opposed the unia. Is it Christian for the Fathers of Esphigmenou Monastery to be cut off from food, medicine and other necessities by the Greek Government and the Ecumenical Patriarch? Is that what Christ taught? The ecumenists fawn over the heretical Latins and Protestants, yet cause the deaths of Orthodox Monks. Have they lost all Orthodox Christian love for their own? Will God reward the betrayers of our Holy and Blameless Faith or rather grant Martyrs Crowns to those who defend Orthodoxy to the end? Please pray for the new-confessors of Esphigmenou!

– Esfigmenou reopens ?!

Yesterday this blog opened with news about Esfigmenou!

Based on a decision taken by the Holy Community of Mount Alhos, our Holy Monastery is once again returning to the road of ecclesiastical and customary union with the Holy Mountain under the help of God and the providence of the Most Holy Theotokos who ceaselessly looks after the care and the course of Her garden. Thus, our humble brotherhood has been asked and granted the awesome task of the reopening of the Monastery of Esphigmenou.

The text continues:

We have already taken the necessary steps to gradually proceed with the complete restoration of all the Monastery’s functions constantly beseeching God to guide and enlighten us throughout this process. It is well renowned that the central building of the Monastery complex is currently under the control of a group of men. These individuals are erroneously portraying themselves as the sole defenders of Orthodox Dogmas and consider the rest of the monks of Mount Athos and Orthodox Christians to be of false faith. To all our brothers and sisters who are concerned about the whereabouts of the Monastery of Esphigmenou and in particular its main building, we would like to report that it is currently under nobody’s command. Neither the Holy Mountain nor the Greek Government has been able to approach the Monastery. Thus, they have been unable to exercise their supervision on matters of affairs they are responsible.We are calling upon everybody asking them to rise to the occasion, remain vigilant of the possible dangers, and take a stand on this decisive matter.
The abbot of the Monastery of Esphigmenou
+Archim. Chrysostomos
and my brothers in Christ with me.

This statement is to be found on this website. This website represent the ‘liberals” in the dispute. You could call them the pro patriarch group. The patriarch is working on a closer relationship with the Roman Catholic Church.

But the monks who still have the power en actually living in the monastery with their leader Archimandrite Methodios have this website to express their far more fundamental Orthodox opinions. They are against coöperation with the church in Rome.